The exhibition sector is extremely competitive. So, in order for your business to stand out from its competitors and vie for the attention of your prospective customers, you need to stand out from the rest.

Scan Display is a leader in the supply of quality and affordable exhibition structures and marketing products. Our LED lightboxes can be added to our tension fabric system to create beautiful LED fabric lightboxes that creates an eye-catching display for the retail and exhibition environment.

What are the features of our LED lightboxes?

Here are only a few of the many coveted features that you can expect when investing in this cutting edge solution:

  • Attractive and slimline aluminium frames;
  • Easily added and removed graphics;
  • Graphics are reprinted and very cost-effective;
  • Low maintenance LED light bulbs that last up to 30 000 hours; and
  • Low energy, eco-friendly energy consumption.

We provide many other high quality and cost-effective products to assist our clients in marketing their merchandise in a professional and innovatively fresh way. Our Scan Retail sector is a specialist division of our company dedicated to providing our customers with an expert solution to all their particular retail display needs.

This division of the company features a national footprint of distributors and branches, as well as an in-house design, print and production facilities team with experienced and motivated industry professionals. We have the resources and infrastructure to produce the solutions that you need to take your business into the future!

Our LED lightboxes are developed to produce ground-breaking lighting effects on retail and exhibition displays. With cutting edge technology at your disposal, you can create displays that will arrest your target audience’s attention and make sure that your brand stands out among the crowd. We are proud of our excellent track record of customer satisfaction levels and continue to provide our clients with the ideal solutions they need to take their businesses into the future.

Shopping Kiosks and Other Retail Display Solutions from Scan Display

Our Modular Retail Kiosk provides a modular option for retail displays and allows for multiple configurations. It is easily set up in malls, forecourts and at other venues and can help to make your products even more appealingly attractive. Some of the many great features associated with the modular retail kiosk include:

  • Elegant design and flexible sizing;
  • Durable finishes and inherent security features; and
  • It provides you with additional revenue streams.

Since 1996 Scan Display has been hard at work providing the exhibition and retail sector with state-of-the-art LED lightboxes and many other solutions. We specialise in retail displays, exhibition stands and exhibition and event infrastructure, among many other areas of expertise.

Throughout the years, our products have won various industry awards and accolades in recognition of our company’s commitment to excellence. To find out how we can benefit your business and how our solutions can help you take your company into the future, contact Scan Display for affordable and innovative LED lightboxes and many other display solutions.