Below are a few of the questions that exhibition stand designers normally ask to ensure an accurate quote and the best possible service to the client.

•    How much stand space will be used?
•    Will you require a greeting desk area?
•    Where will the stand be (thus in a room, hall, outside etc.)?
•    Will you need furniture for the stand?
•    What type of marketing literature will be displayed?
•    Do you need brochure holders?
•    Will you need audio visual equipment for the stand?
•    Will a PA system be required?
•    How many persons will man the stand?
•    Will you need banners, pop-ups, corner or in-line stands?
•    What is your marketing goal at the exhibition?
•    Do you need electricity points?

From the above questions it becomes clear that many considerations go into the design of a single stand. As such select exhibition stand designers with a lot of experience and who will be able to guide you along the right path. Better yet, select exhibition stand designers that offer complete project management as part of their services.