Whether you are preparing an exhibition stand for a show or trade fair or you have a wheeled merchandising unit in a shopping centre, you need the appropriate shop fittings to kit out your display to best sell your products or services.  Show displays are extremely versatile and if you select your fittings and accessories with care, you can use the same display over and over again at different venues and shows.

The Shell

One of the most important shop fittings is the shell of your display and a wide array of different shell options are offered for every conceivable type of display.  Frequently, the frame of your shell is made up of strong, lightweight aluminium tubing and fittings, because this metal offers excellent strength and stiffness for its weight and the matte grey finish looks smart and often needs no covering or paint; as an added boon, it cannot rust either.

Typically, square aluminium tubing would be used to build the shell and it can be fitted out with several other shop fittings to change its appearance.  Large, elaborate structures with hanging banners can be built, as well as simple, compact shells for small displays.  Some shows will prescribe a standard, cubicle-like appearance for all the show stands and a simple facia at the top, in which case it will be down to your other accessories like flooring, furniture, banners and display cases to truly differentiate your display from the rest.


One of the oft-overlooked shop fittings is your flooring solution and here you can choose from a variety of options, like:

  • rolled carpet in the colour of your choice
  • wood, in either light, dark or black finishes
  • 100 mm lit edge flooring for a modern, high-tech appearance
  • white, sprayed flooring

Your flooring should complement the rest of your stand’s appearance and tie in with your corporate colours.

Retail Applications

In a retail environment, you may require retail shop fittings for mounting your products.  A typical example is sanitary ware and the appropriate fittings can be used to mount taps, shower heads, wall-mounted basins and the like.  You may even need a counter for upright taps and surface-mounted basins.  These backing structures and counters should be robust and available in various finishes to suit your needs and to show off your product to best effect.

Other Shop Fittings

Other items that can differentiate your display include furniture, banners and display cases.  For more information on our shop fittings, simply contact us.