Shopfitting Your Exhibition Display To Professional Standards

Where do you turn to have the shopfitting of your display stand at an exhibition, trade fair or show done to professional standards that will impress and attract potential clients?  There is no impression that is as lasting as the first one and if you can establish an impression of professionalism and quality with your exhibition stand, people are more likely to entertain your business.

Shopfitting Components

There are several components to the complete outfitting of a display stand and the last thing you need is a fragmented approach by several different service providers trying to assist with each branch of the process.  All this leads to is confusion, a lack of continuity and an unprofessional final look.  Contract one team of professionals who can do it all, from the shell and flooring to the furniture, display cases and banner designs and printing.

The Style

The style of your stand may be dictated to some extent by exhibition regulations and your shopfitting would have to take this into account.  At some exhibitions, all stands use the same basic shells for uniformity and this you cannot change; the differentiation of your stand would be down to the elements that you can change.  Play around with flooring options for something a little different and try:

  • simple and elegant white, sprayed flooring for a more clinical look
  • carpeting of the rolled variety in a texture and colour that compliment your display
  • woodgrain finishes for an earthy, sophisticated look in a shade of your choice
  • 100 mm edge-lit flooring, ideal for a high-tech display

Displaying Your Wares

There are appropriate shopfitting options that you can rely on to display virtually any type of product.  Small products are effectively displayed in tall, glass display cases that have four glassed sides, or in counter-like display cases.  Other products may have to be hanged from hooks (like clothes) or mounted against sturdy backings (like taps and sanitary fittings).

Irrespective of your shopfitting needs, we can help, so contact us today.