How Lighting Can Be Used in an Exhibition Design

The Power of Light 

When it comes to exhibitions, expos, and conferences, you will find that specified floor spaces for various stands are usually made available that can be used by companies and businesses to not only promote their brands, but also have a corporate presence at these events. Exhibition stands are commonly used for promotional and marketing purposes at events, where companies and entrepreneurs rally to spread the word of their business to everyone attending. In some cases, these stands are also used to showcase, market, and sell products to the attendees, but this means that a regular stand will just not suffice. This is where Scan Display can make a difference to your next event.

Spicing Up Your Exhibition Stand with Lighting 

No matter which event you will be attending with your exhibitions in the next year, you can always improve your stands and their lighting to make them more inviting and effective. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using the power of light to your advantage. At Scan Display, we offer various exhibition stands that will ensure that you have the right tools at your disposal, with one of these stands being the impressive Modulbox.

The Modulbox is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with its open design making best use of the ambient lighting. This is where you can use lighting in your design to improve your exhibition, whether you place your exhibition stand in a well-lit area or provide your own lighting to improve the display quality. Scan Display also offers custom stands that can be built to your preferences. Therefore, you can use lighting in your exhibition design to set your custom stand apart.

One of the most important things to remember in terms of the use of lighting for your exhibition stand design is to assess where you would need what level of light, except if you want your stand to use lighting merely as an aesthetic enhancement to lure more people to your exhibition. Should this be the case, ensure that the lights on your stand are placed in such a way to complement your stand and make your brand easily noticeable and identifiable. Your exhibition stand would therefore benefit greatly from proper lighting, so ensure that your lighting matches the environment, as discordant lighting intensity or placement will have a detrimental impact on your stand’s visual appeal.

If you want some examples of how to use lighting to best effect in your exhibition stand design, feel free to browse our website for images on custom Scan Display stands. We offer various solutions for exhibition stands, as well as more than enough knowledge and experience to ensure that your stand will be as effective as possible at your next event. Peruse our website for more information, or contact us directly with further enquiries, and let Scan Display take your next exhibition stand to the next aesthetic level with expert lighting techniques.