Banners with Stands: The Eye-catching Solution to Marketing

A very effective way to communicate with the public is making use of banners with stands (sometimes referred to as rollup banners or retractable banners). They are mobile and lightweight and usually consist of an aluminium frame and canvass or vinyl display. They are a great way to make your product visible and get the attention of your target market.

Banners with Stands: Types to Choose From

The choice to make use of banners with stands is easy, but it will require a little more thought to which kind you need. There are several types of banners and you need to identify the one that will best suit your specific requirements. The most popular ones are:

  • Retractable Banners Stands – This type of banner stand is best for when time is of the essence and set up time needs to be super quick. The banners are rolled up inside the base and is pulled out and attached to a pole. It’s light, quick and easy to transport.
  • Non-retractable Banners – This style of banner requires a bit more set up but adds more stability to your stand. It can either be supported by carbon fibre rod attached to a metal foot or a carbon fibre X, which spreads out to the corners and gives the banner tension and support.
  • Sail Banners – These are banners that offer a bit of movement and can be used outside as flag advertising. The advertising area is mounted to a sturdy pole and can move in the air or a light breeze. There are several shapes and sizes to choose from including teardrop banners, wing banners, mini-flag banners, kite banners or larger advertising flags.
  • Telescopic Banner – This style is also known as a feather banner and is quite effective if used in a cluster. The banner is mounted on a pole that has a rotating mechanism. This allows it to move in the wind and can be effective and eye catching, especially if it’s up to 4 meters long.
  • Banner wall – The banner wall is mounted on a large aluminium frame/stand. This is perfect for creating a large graphic backdrop. It does require some assembly, but erects in minutes and is easily transportable. With regard to banners with stands this is the big daddy and makes the biggest impact.

Make use of banners with stands to single yourself out from the crowd. With the various options available you will definitely find something to suit your needs. It is a striking and cost effective way of marketing your product or service.