Showcase Display Units for Exhibitions

The structure of the expo booth, the banners, and effective display of logos are only part of what makes for a stunning and successful tradeshow exhibition. In addition, you will require furniture and showcase display units as well as brochure stands, roll-up banners, carpeting, and enough walking space as well as lights and audio.

The showcase display is particularly important and often overlooked when planning for an expo. Even with all the point of sale material that you can hand out, the visitor wants to see the real thing. Unfortunately people often also look with their hands and thus damage the products in the process.

By investing in glass or Perspex showcase display units you will be able to put together an amazing exhibition of the products on offer such as cell phones, cameras, security products, jewellery, and more without being concerned about theft and damage.

It is however, also essential to invest in quality showcase display units to fit your particular booth. You will want one or two corner units, three or more wall units and a counter type where the central point will be.

The showcases available from us come with wheels making it possible to move them around without fear of glass breakage. Once in place put the lock on and the unit will stay there. We invite you to view our catalogue of showcase display units under the products section and to contact us for a quote or assistance; ensuring that the units you choose will be appropriate for your particular display requirements.