The shell scheme is a familiar sight at trade shows. It consists of three walls, basic lighting and carpeting. In short, the shell scheme is exactly what the name suggests. It is a shell structure that makes it easy to set up the display. The feathers and window dressing are up to the exhibitor.

With most of the shell scheme displays coming in neutral colours the exhibitors must use a bit of creativity to stand out amongst the hundreds of display stands. Adding colour shapes, and a bit of furnishings are what you need to transform the units into master marketing pieces. You will want trade show attendees to remember your stand and for this reason, you have to go all out in creating a stunning display. Remember it is a shell and not a pre-made advertising display. It will be up to you to make it awe-inspiring.

Some tips to help you make the most of a shell scheme:

  • Make sure the logo is prominently displayed and is bold to attract visitors.
  • Keep the message simple – you only have five to ten seconds to get the attention of visitors.
  • Make use of interactive displays to promote activity and interest.
  • The furniture should fit the image and thus also the colour scheme.
  • Don’t clutter the display. People fear cluttered spaces and will get irritated.
  • Keep space open for easy movement of traffic in the display.
  • Use bright colours to create an energetic atmosphere.
  • Use pot plants and wooden furniture for a feeling of elegance.
  • Use darker colours to create a feeling of stature or tension.
  • Set clear goals for the exhibition – whether to have information distributed, sales, new leads, launch of a product etc.
  • Furniture must be functional, yet attractive.

Contact us not only to order or rent a shell scheme, but also to help you transform the space into a visitor magnet.