Fabric Shell Scheme

How the New Fabric Shell Scheme Benefits Exhibition Centres

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a fabric pop-up system, the new fabric shell scheme available from us makes it easier for exhibition centres to set-up and provide booth frame spaces for exhibitors.


Problems with the Conventional Exhibition Booth Systems

The traditional shell scheme has been in use for many years. However, exhibition centres require systems that make it possible for exhibitors to set-up booths at their trade shows or events without having to design and fit entire booths.

Instead, the exhibition centres already provide the basic shell systems to which panels can be attached for display. The problem with the conventional structure is heaviness and size, making it difficult to set-up. The posts that separate the walls or panels pose a challenge for creating seamless graphic and image walls. The panels are also prone to damage such as scratches. With vinyl printed graphics not being reusable, these systems are not cost-effective for the exhibitors or the exhibition centres.


What is the Solution?

With the introduction of our fabric shell schemes, the mentioned challenges are overcome. Seamless fabric walls and easy to set-up booth structures, make this the perfect solution for exhibition centres and the exhibitors.



The system consists of a modular frame, made from aluminium. This makes it lightweight and thus easier to handle. The design allows for seamless fabric walls, possible through the usage of silicone edge graphic technology. The corner posts no longer pose a challenge for the wall additions as white poly twill fabric is stretched to create a smooth graphic surface from one corner post to the other. The panels can be substituted with fabric graphic print panels.

A fabric shell scheme, for instance, makes up a 3 x 3 m exhibition booth, consisting of only four aluminium posts instead of the ten posts required with the more traditional a 3 x 3 m system. With it being lightweight with fewer posts, set-up is quick and doesn’t require special equipment or several labourers.

The system is powder-coated in dark grey that makes it seamlessly fade into the background, helping to highlight the graphics. We offer the scheme in 1, 2, 3 and 4 m wall units. This gives the necessary flexibility to design and set-up booths according to exhibitor requirements.


Distinct Advantages

With innovative technology and design, we have made it possible for exhibition centres and their exhibitors to improve the appearance and neatness of the display booths. The customisation options are endless, helping to create the impression of uniquely designed and highly professional exhibition spaces. With such, the visitor experience is greatly enhanced. Sophistication and practicality are two words that come to mind when having to describe the lightweight fabric shell scheme.

Fabric panels can be used over and over as the material is washable. This makes it more cost-effective to host exhibition spaces. In addition, the panels are lighter and thus easier to handle. Furthermore, these panels can be folded and stored. With the small space footprint when stored, it makes sense to use the fabric panels. These systems are versatile as the shell schemes can be used for branding, signage and entrance areas.

With only three panels to fit and 12 locks to tighten, as opposed to nine-panel inserts and 32 locks of the conventional booth systems, the fabric shell schemes make it easier to set-up a comprehensive exhibition venue. Reduce cost and set-up time while also improving the flexibility and sophistication of exhibition spaces.


Get in touch for more information about the innovative solution for your exhibition centre.

Shell Scheme

Affordable Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands for Your Next Show or Event

Attending a showcase or exhibition to present your products and services to potential clients and other professionals in the same industry is all about making an impact. Each exhibitor will need to have a presence and one that is noticed. Often, having an exhibition stand custom designed for your business can work out to be expensive and in some cases, you might already have signage, furniture and suitable advertising for the stand. In these cases, a shell scheme option is ideal. If you want to cut back on costs and are typically a small scale exhibitor, the shell scheme is the option for you. This particular option offers clients the convenience of having a basic floor plan designed for them with the basic outer shell of the stand set in place.

Shell scheme stand design is usually 3m x 3m and offers clients two main options to choose from as follows:

  • Walk on package – this stand or booth includes the basic structure and flooring of the unit.
  • Corner / Inline package – this stand or booth includes the basic structure, flooring, tables, chairs and counters.


Why is it important to work closely with stand builders for your exhibition booth?

For starters, professionals in the industry will ensure that your floor plan is properly set up, you have access to electrical outputs and you have sufficient space for displays and signage. Extra options, such as carpets, lighting, flooring and a great deal more can also be arranged for you.

At Scan Display, we are well-equipped to provide you with access to a range of durable and easy to assemble and dismantle shell scheme stands and booths. You will notice that many trade shows, car shows and promotional fairs and festivals will offer shell scheme booths as their main booth option. Large corporations and concerns typically opt for custom-made booths.


Why choose Scan Display for your exhibition stand building?

We have presented a multitude of award-winning stands, retail displays, and event and exhibition infrastructure to the market. We believe in saving our clients time and money while we do our bit for the environment by presenting reusable exhibition elements to our clients. In addition to shell scheme options, we also offer a range of Unibox tension fabric stand options to the market, which are certainly worth investigating if you are planning to have a custom-made stand or booth in the future.

At Scan Display, we offer our clients the opportunity to have a noticeable presence at their shows and exhibitions, at an affordable rate. When approaching us for assistance, we will present you with a variety of options to consider and will also ensure that we are there for you every step of the way, from conceptualisation to design and finally setting up.

To learn more about our shell scheme booth and stand options, take the time to get in touch with us at Scan Display. We look forward to helping you achieve a presence that cannot be overlooked at your next exhibition.

Tips for transforming the shell scheme into a marketing tool

The shell scheme is a familiar sight at trade shows. It consists of three walls, basic lighting and carpeting. In short, the shell scheme is exactly what the name suggests. It is a shell structure that makes it easy to set up the display. The feathers and window dressing are up to the exhibitor.

With most of the shell scheme displays coming in neutral colours the exhibitors must use a bit of creativity to stand out amongst the hundreds of display stands. Adding colour shapes, and a bit of furnishings are what you need to transform the units into master marketing pieces. You will want trade show attendees to remember your stand and for this reason, you have to go all out in creating a stunning display. Remember it is a shell and not a pre-made advertising display. It will be up to you to make it awe-inspiring.

Some tips to help you make the most of a shell scheme:

  • Make sure the logo is prominently displayed and is bold to attract visitors.
  • Keep the message simple – you only have five to ten seconds to get the attention of visitors.
  • Make use of interactive displays to promote activity and interest.
  • The furniture should fit the image and thus also the colour scheme.
  • Don’t clutter the display. People fear cluttered spaces and will get irritated.
  • Keep space open for easy movement of traffic in the display.
  • Use bright colours to create an energetic atmosphere.
  • Use pot plants and wooden furniture for a feeling of elegance.
  • Use darker colours to create a feeling of stature or tension.
  • Set clear goals for the exhibition – whether to have information distributed, sales, new leads, launch of a product etc.
  • Furniture must be functional, yet attractive.

Contact us not only to order or rent a shell scheme, but also to help you transform the space into a visitor magnet.

The Editor’s Note

About 60% of South Africa’s Blue Crane population resides in the Western Cape. Here the birds favour farmlands, particularly pastures and wheat plantations, above the indigenous Fynbos habitat. But climate change threatens this unusual success story. The western parts of our country are expected to be most hard hit by the extreme weather conditions that climate change brings, and existing agricultural practices could become economically unviable, with detrimental effects for the cranes.

Kerryn Morrison manages the ICF/EWT Partnership for African Cranes and, together with her passionate team of crane conservationists, is carefully monitoring the Western Cape’s Blue Cranes so that we can react to the signs of climate change well in advance of it becoming an insurmountable problem.

When I asked Kerryn how she came to be so passionate about cranes, she said they are a perfect flagship species that can be used to highlight environmental issues to people and so change environmentally destructive behaviour. Kerryn was just four years old when her nursery school teacher predicted she would work with animals, and she has never wanted to be anything other than a conservationist. Her dedication is not without reward, and she has received broad acclaim for her exceptional dedication to crane conservation, and is recognised as being instrumental in combating the trade in cranes that takes place throughout Africa on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of being able to say that Kerryn has grown her career with the EWT since 1995.

We will be celebrating the success of our crane conservationists on World Environment Day, on 5 June, with this year’s theme being ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’. Learn more about this day and other EWT climate change projects by entering our online competition , open only to our loyal supporters, and stand in line to win a fabulous getaway to a South African destination.

– The Editor

The EWT at Nampo Harvest Day 2009

Every year the NAMPO Harvest Day provides the EWT with an opportunity to engage with visitors on conservation issues and projects, talk about problems and solutions, distribute educational materials to farmers, school groups and the like and promote the EWT as a whole. This year was no different. Click here to read more.

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