Counter Stands for Exhibitions

Counter stands are important for the success of a tradeshow exhibition. You should keep in mind that counter stands should not fill the whole table, desktop or counter. You want space, but at the same time want a stand that can display sales material, leaflets, brochures, and promotional items.

For the above reason you will want to select something that will focus the attention of the tradeshow visitor on the sales material without cluttering the counter space. We design a wide range of counter stands all within the requirements for functionality, space saving, and maximum attention grabbing abilities.
Some of the counter stands come with pockets, while others have racks. The colour selection is equally important and as such we provide a wide range of colour options forcounter stands. Customisation is possible to ensure that the stands fit your booth, company colours, and the overall theme of your display. We pay careful attention to quality finishes as such says a lot about your company when a visitor comes into your booth.

The benefits of effective brochure stands are numerous including the ability to direct visitor traffic to specific products and areas in the booth. The stands can be used effectively in a limited space area and make it possible for visitors to access information easily. It also serves to take away pressure from the booth staff who will want to chat to visitors rather than running around with sales material to hand out. Get the maximum benefit of displays through effective counter stands. Contact us today for more information on the available options and for relevant quotes.

Counter Advertising

Welcome to Scan Display – a revolutionary counter advertising company that has been delivering the most creative marketing displays in South Africa for many years. So when you are looking for exciting counter advertising marketing solutions, connect with the engaging website

Over the years, Scan Display has achieved many milestones in a wide range of graphics marketing, including banners, full stands, counter advertising, posters and has gained some respected companies, like Government departments, parastatals and several NGO’s. Some of these spectacular stands for our corporate clients were:

  • Standard Bank, Metro stand, Mining Indaba, February 2007;
  • Biz Community, Metro system, Markex & World of Events, Gauteng, June 2006;
  • Design Indaba Expo, Exhibition services including shell scheme, lighting, flooring, furniture, Design Indaba 06, February 2006;
  • Autotech, Custom double deck stand, Auto Africa, October 2004; and
  • Moja Heritage Marketing, Custom & system stand, Indaba, 2004;
  • To mention but a few.

Some of the contracts have gone on to win many distinguished awards, including the Exhibition & Event Association of Southern Africa’s (EXSA) annual Stand Awards. Did you know that Scan Display, we won top honors at the Markex shows in Jhb and Cape Town for the Large Stand Award in both 2005 and 2006, and the Large Stand Award at the inaugural Markex KZN in 2007?

So make the better choice when it comes to counter advertising, simply opt for Scan Display’s counter advertising, and make your intended audience stop and take notice. Scan Display – the leaders in advertising genius.

Marketing Counters: Your Gateway to Building Relationships

Marketing Counters: Your Gateway to Building Relationships

Exhibitions and conferences are one of the ways marketing professionals make contacts and establish relationships. Marketing counters are one of the tools used when you have a stand at an exhibition. Smaller than shopping kiosks, it is one of the retail displays you would use within your marketing space.

What Are Marketing Counters?

Marketing CountersThink of big trade shows like Mining Indaba, Electra Mining, and Markex. Usually it takes place in a massive hall or conference centre where each exhibitor is allocated a marketing area. Usually it’s a sort of cubicle or sectioned off squared for them to set up shopping kiosks and other retail displays.

The idea is to attract potential customers and showcase what you have to offer in the form of a product or service. At the forefront will be marketing counters – a podium styled desk which will display your brand and product. It also serves as a desk to display pamphlets and business card and an area for anyone to write notes or communication details. Basically marketing counters take a practical device and turn it into one of the retail displays.

Marketing counters are smaller than shopping kiosks, but still display your brand identity. They can come in various sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Some of the basic used in retail displays include:

  • Flexi Counter – this is an above waist high counter that has a graphic display at the front – this is ideal to display your brand and/or product. It has optional door and shelving in the back to keep marketing materials and samples of your product.
  • Promoter Counter – the promoter counter is light weight and very easy to assemble. It has a branding area at the front as well as signage raised up on two poles at the top. This is ideal for branding and communication contact detail like email and website address.
  • RT Case Counter – The RT case is ideal for those that promote product often and need versatile and mobile marketing counters. It doubles as a transport device to keep all your products then converts into a waist high marketing counter – all you need to do is apply the wrap around branding.

The Advantages of Attending Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a great place to advertise your brand. Using marketing counters, shopping kiosks and retail displays you can establish a growing brand or reinforce an established one. Considering attending a trade show or exhibition can unlock some of the following advantages:

  • Meet contacts and establish relationships with customers and other people in the field. It’s also an opportunity to meet up with other retailers and maintain relationships.
  • Collect data and do market research. You’ll have a multitude of customers walking past your shopping kiosks and retail displays. Use the opportunity to collect data, do surveys and find out ways to improve your product. You can therefore do comparisons and make adjustments.
  • Collect contact details to further market with. Exhibitions are a good way to collect names, numbers and email addresses. By doing email and SMS campaign you might attract customers through a different medium and keep existing customers abreast of new products or specials.

Having a stand at an exhibition is a great way to increase your business potential. You’ll have thousands of potential customers walking past your stand. Having an attractive stand to showcase your product goes a long way and using tools like marketing counters, shopping kiosks and retail displays makes it easy and convenient. In a sea of marketing competitors you want to stand out and with the right tools you’ll ensure success.


Used Exhibits

These are existing exhibit or display stand properties, usually older and sometimes worn (though not necessarily), originally built for another purpose, available for rental or purchase. Many exhibit houses have a few of these lying about. Some exhibit houses have built their businesses on them. Just as there is nothing inherently wrong with a used car, there is nothing inherently wrong with a used exhibit. It depends upon the exhibit itself. Used exhibits may require the services of an on site labour source (show general contractor, or a labour contractor approved through show management) to set up, and often the rental exhibit provider can provided those services as part of the rental package to the exhibitor

Tabletop displays

Tabletop displays are usually comprised of a small metal frame work which can easily collapse (much like a backpacking tent frame) into a small carrying case, with graphic panels that attach to the frame work via mechanical fasteners, magnets, or Velcro. These displays are typically very easy to set up, and require little to no on site support labour. As the name implies, they are designed to be set on top of a table, one usually supplied by the show contractor. As with pipe and drape, this table is often provided as part of the price of renting the exhibit space. Contact Scan Display at +27 11 447 4777 for more information about our products and services.

The Editor’s Note

About 60% of South Africa’s Blue Crane population resides in the Western Cape. Here the birds favour farmlands, particularly pastures and wheat plantations, above the indigenous Fynbos habitat. But climate change threatens this unusual success story. The western parts of our country are expected to be most hard hit by the extreme weather conditions that climate change brings, and existing agricultural practices could become economically unviable, with detrimental effects for the cranes.

Kerryn Morrison manages the ICF/EWT Partnership for African Cranes and, together with her passionate team of crane conservationists, is carefully monitoring the Western Cape’s Blue Cranes so that we can react to the signs of climate change well in advance of it becoming an insurmountable problem.

When I asked Kerryn how she came to be so passionate about cranes, she said they are a perfect flagship species that can be used to highlight environmental issues to people and so change environmentally destructive behaviour. Kerryn was just four years old when her nursery school teacher predicted she would work with animals, and she has never wanted to be anything other than a conservationist. Her dedication is not without reward, and she has received broad acclaim for her exceptional dedication to crane conservation, and is recognised as being instrumental in combating the trade in cranes that takes place throughout Africa on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of being able to say that Kerryn has grown her career with the EWT since 1995.

We will be celebrating the success of our crane conservationists on World Environment Day, on 5 June, with this year’s theme being ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’. Learn more about this day and other EWT climate change projects by entering our online competition , open only to our loyal supporters, and stand in line to win a fabulous getaway to a South African destination.

– The Editor

The EWT at Nampo Harvest Day 2009

Every year the NAMPO Harvest Day provides the EWT with an opportunity to engage with visitors on conservation issues and projects, talk about problems and solutions, distribute educational materials to farmers, school groups and the like and promote the EWT as a whole. This year was no different. Click here to read more.

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