Used Exhibits

These are existing exhibit or display stand properties, usually older and sometimes worn (though not necessarily), originally built for another purpose, available for rental or purchase. Many exhibit houses have a few of these lying about. Some exhibit houses have built their businesses on them. Just as there is nothing inherently wrong with a used car, there is nothing inherently wrong with a used exhibit. It depends upon the exhibit itself. Used exhibits may require the services of an on site labour source (show general contractor, or a labour contractor approved through show management) to set up, and often the rental exhibit provider can provided those services as part of the rental package to the exhibitor

Pipe and Drape

Often provided by the show contractor, these typically use a metal frame of upright posts supported by base plates, with cross beams on which the fabric drape is either threaded (via a sewn pocket) or tied. These types of displays are often provided by the show contractor as part of the price of the exhibit space. The fabric drape is usually a neutral colour or a colour that ties in with the theme of the show. Exhibitors can use these as a backdrop for their own display pieces, but they are not meant to support any direct weight, and provide little in the way of display client graphics or branding. Most exhibitors use a purchased or rented display structure in front of the supplied pipe and drape. Contact Scan Display at +27 11 447 4777 for more information about our products and services.