Fabric Shell Scheme

How the New Fabric Shell Scheme Benefits Exhibition Centres

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a fabric pop-up system, the new fabric shell scheme available from us makes it easier for exhibition centres to set-up and provide booth frame spaces for exhibitors.


Problems with the Conventional Exhibition Booth Systems

The traditional shell scheme has been in use for many years. However, exhibition centres require systems that make it possible for exhibitors to set-up booths at their trade shows or events without having to design and fit entire booths.

Instead, the exhibition centres already provide the basic shell systems to which panels can be attached for display. The problem with the conventional structure is heaviness and size, making it difficult to set-up. The posts that separate the walls or panels pose a challenge for creating seamless graphic and image walls. The panels are also prone to damage such as scratches. With vinyl printed graphics not being reusable, these systems are not cost-effective for the exhibitors or the exhibition centres.


What is the Solution?

With the introduction of our fabric shell schemes, the mentioned challenges are overcome. Seamless fabric walls and easy to set-up booth structures, make this the perfect solution for exhibition centres and the exhibitors.



The system consists of a modular frame, made from aluminium. This makes it lightweight and thus easier to handle. The design allows for seamless fabric walls, possible through the usage of silicone edge graphic technology. The corner posts no longer pose a challenge for the wall additions as white poly twill fabric is stretched to create a smooth graphic surface from one corner post to the other. The panels can be substituted with fabric graphic print panels.

A fabric shell scheme, for instance, makes up a 3 x 3 m exhibition booth, consisting of only four aluminium posts instead of the ten posts required with the more traditional a 3 x 3 m system. With it being lightweight with fewer posts, set-up is quick and doesn’t require special equipment or several labourers.

The system is powder-coated in dark grey that makes it seamlessly fade into the background, helping to highlight the graphics. We offer the scheme in 1, 2, 3 and 4 m wall units. This gives the necessary flexibility to design and set-up booths according to exhibitor requirements.


Distinct Advantages

With innovative technology and design, we have made it possible for exhibition centres and their exhibitors to improve the appearance and neatness of the display booths. The customisation options are endless, helping to create the impression of uniquely designed and highly professional exhibition spaces. With such, the visitor experience is greatly enhanced. Sophistication and practicality are two words that come to mind when having to describe the lightweight fabric shell scheme.

Fabric panels can be used over and over as the material is washable. This makes it more cost-effective to host exhibition spaces. In addition, the panels are lighter and thus easier to handle. Furthermore, these panels can be folded and stored. With the small space footprint when stored, it makes sense to use the fabric panels. These systems are versatile as the shell schemes can be used for branding, signage and entrance areas.

With only three panels to fit and 12 locks to tighten, as opposed to nine-panel inserts and 32 locks of the conventional booth systems, the fabric shell schemes make it easier to set-up a comprehensive exhibition venue. Reduce cost and set-up time while also improving the flexibility and sophistication of exhibition spaces.


Get in touch for more information about the innovative solution for your exhibition centre.

Incorporate A Pop-up Stand In Your Ads

Businesses today need to draw the attention of people by way of gratifying their sense of curiosity.  The more curious people become, the more they want to know.  Competition nowadays starts with the kind of medium of publicity a certain company uses; the more daring and bold the advertisement is, the more it would likely be noticed by the public.  Some establishments incorporate a pop-up stand in their way of marketing their product.

Pop-up displays are the most common in trade show or expos.  It can be folded and set up quickly.  Though pop-up displays have been around for years, it still is as popular as ever but with a slight revision through the years.  Pop-up stands now come in the form of screens. There are companies that offer an AV display to incorporate a pop-up stand; this will give the display a more ‘wow’ impact.

Some companies that cater such a service can offer to provide the ability to add an LED, Plasma screen or LCD of up to 32” to their pop-up stand.  They have researched developed their own solution based on an existing DEXS pop-up stand design, which also opens up the way to have 3D presentations as well. The resultant product is of high quality and of high standard that the company gave it warranty for the next 10 years.  Prices are competitively reasonable without sacrificing the quality.

Some of the screens you could choose between include:

  • XPUSMK2 screens mount. This is either a LCD or LED monitor mount, weighs 5kg and approximately 21”.
  • An Expand Monitor Stand is ideal with most VESA mounts. It can be used as free standing monitor or integrated with pop-up stand.
  • DEXS Style Pop-up Display Stands are perfect for integrating a large-size LCD, LED or Plasma screen into the pop-up stand, capable of holding screens up to 60”.

Among the three, DEXS style pop-up stand is the most eye-catching one as it gives optimum results if you want your product to be flocked by consumers or clients.  It is but natural for people of all ages to be as curious as a cat and there is no pop-up stand that is as catchy as DEXS style pop-up stands.

This technological advancement is known as an incorporate pop-up stand, and is especially helpful in the field of commerce.  It gives a different dimension in product presentation and allows the targeted consumer see the things a certain product offers through the demo that can be viewed from the screen.

This technology offers ease and comforts both for the product company and target clients especially if the product is bulky.  Without having to drag the product to a certain area, the company can still present it with a full demonstration and can still close a deal with the help of an innovative incorporate pop-up stand as the centre of their expo.

Pop Up Banner Designs For Ease Of Use

If you are looking for an easy to use and highly visible way to promote your products or your company, then you should evaluate the pop up banner. There are a variety of pop up banner designs that are suitable for use in a variety of different environments. Pop up banners can be used at exhibitions, trade shows and at point of sale, where their highly visible presence is extremely attractive to consumers. Pop up banners can be produced in either black and white, full colour or a selection of colours which makes these pieces of marketing material highly versatile. One of the major advantages of the pop up banner is that setting it up is almost as easy as merely taking it out of its storage bag, a quick shake and the pop up banner actually sets itself up. This makes pop up banners suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of sales people. Even the most complex of pop up banner designs can be just as easily folded away for storage, a quick twist and they’re ready to be placed in the storage bag until the next time they are required.

The low cost of producing pop up banners and the robustness of the construction also makes them ideal for use in multiple locations. Due to the fact that pop up banners are extremely cost effective the organisation can have multiple different types printed for various sales promotions.

The design of the pop up banner can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of the organisation or a specific promotion. The design can be submitted through an ad agency or the pop up banner manufacturer is usually only too happy to assist with designing the pop up banner for the company.

All You Need to Know About the Printing of Pop-Ups

No matter what industry you are in or what kind of job you have, you need the peace of mind of knowing that if you have a print job to be done, it will be done right. Using pop-ups at an expo, a conference or even in your offices is a great idea, unless they are not printed to standard. If this happens, what could be a great advertising and marketing tool just makes you and company look unprofessional.

Not only do we know this, but we live by the standard of excellence you expect. Pop-ups could make or break your business and considering the fact that we want you to keep coming back for more, and not regret the decision to print with us, we’ll make sure that your pop-ups really, well, pop! Your pop-ups, no matter how large or small should make a statement and it’s our job to make sure that statement is a positive one.

Why Use Pop-ups?

Printing pop-ups is not the easiest job in the world considering that they need to be dye cut. This means that, because they are all different shapes, we need to set the machines we use to a certain size and frame to accommodate that printing. This is something that will make your pop-ups look great, if it is done right.

These brilliant marketing devices are a lightweight but tough tool, made of metal and containing certain graphics. The sheer genius of these devices is that they can be folded down to a small size, making them easy for you, or for your promoters to carry, and when unfolded, they look like one solid structure. If you have already bought a pop-up and don’t want to print another one, you can reuse the one you already have, and we’ll print new graphics for you to use on the old frame, so your costs come down too.

How to Use Them

A pop-up can be used in just about any way you can think of and because they are so light and easy to fold, you can simply pack them up and get on a taxi, into a car, on a plane, a train or a boat with no trouble at all. This is why, when it comes to mall activations and expos, they are one of the best tools to give to promoters or sales people.

They literally pop up, making them easy to install and as with so many items we print, a pop-up has to look really good. This is why when we create a pop-up, we don’t just make sure it is structurally sound. We also check the graphics to ensure that they don’t look out of place, or have the bleed showing.

Mad About Printing of Pop-Ups

If you want to put your best foot forward in business, make sure that every piece of marketing collateral you use says, “Me and my business are awesome.”  We’ve got the same mentality you do. We want to impress you just as much as you want to impress your customers.

The Various Type of Pop-Up Banner Walls

In today’s intensely competitive market, you hardly have time to attract a prospective client who walks past your booth at an exhibition or a trade show. Without a visually-appealing, informative, well-designed display even the most expensive tradeshow booth can fail to deliver the needed results for participating companies. This is where pop-up banner walls become handy and provide a professional setting for an exhibition. In fact, pop-up displays are so popular that they have become the industry favourites – thanks to the many types of pop-up banner walls available in the market today, every business has the opportunity to efficiently advertise their brand incorporating the best technology available.

Advertise your Brand with Pop-Up Walls

In any business, the significance of brand awareness is undisputable. Banner advertising is one form of brand promotion. Like any marketing exercise, the focus should be on drawing attention. Pop-up banner walls are great tools for turning heads and drawing in attention. They instantly create a flawless graphic wall where your logo, brand, and message can be conveyed. This amazing marketing tool can be used effectively to display your product. With unparalleled graphic designs, these stands can be a cut above the rest. They can in fact, represent your brand like no other trade show marketing tool can.

Pop-up banner walls are ideal as a standard backdrop for presentations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, reception areas, retail outlets or an advertising campaign, these stands can be carried effortlessly; take them wherever you wish, because they come in a convenient wheeled case and can be set up and packed away in less than 15 minutes.

Types of Pop-Up Trade Show Displays

There are many different types of pop-up banner walls available in the market today, which come in an array of shapes and frame sizes and are integrated with graphics, lighting, shelving, literature and other innovative and technologically savvy features which transform your booth and capture people’s attention quickly. These include:

  • Curved – these are made of curved aluminium channel bars for great panel alignment and magnetic strips for holding halogen lights.
  • Straight – these are made of straight aluminium channel bars and have halogen lights for attractive displays.
  • Fabric – these are Velcro fabric display panels and are made with aluminium channel bars and magnetic strips.
  • Photo – these are similar to fabric pop-up displays and have additional high colour resolution panels.
  • Graphic – these are also made of aluminium channels and carry high resolution graphics for product descriptions.

Despite the differences in the types of pop-up banner walls, the general design is the same: a foldable frame that pops up easily, channel bars that fold out to provide stability after the frame is assembled, and graphics that either drape over the frame or come pre-attached. Pre-attached graphics do have a tendency to get wrinkled during transport, but the wrinkles will usually disappear with steaming or after hanging straight for a time. All graphics are easily removable so they can be changed for different trade shows.

If you are unsure which type of pop-up banner walls to choose, look no further than Scan Display for professional advice and unparalleled quality. Make an impact at your next trade show and boost your marketing efforts with the help of pop-up banner walls. They are easy to carry, quick and efficient to set up and are the best marketing tool to promote your brand.

Scan Display is a one-stop solution for all your pop-up displays, whether you need to update an existing display or create a new one from the beginning. We can help you advertise your business in an effective way by promoting your service or product the best way possible. We have years of experience and knowledge across all industries, so call our friendly team today for more guidance on the products mentioned above or browse our online shop for a vast range of exciting products that can boost your brand at trade shows, expos or presentations. We’ll give you all the information and tools you will need to showcase your brand and get noticed fast.

The benefits of using pop-up banners at exhibitions

In a highly competitive display environment, pop-up banners are ideal selling tools. With their portability, it is possible to pick them up and move them to another spot in an instant. You can also carry the pop-up banners in carry cases or bags to your next exhibition.

One of the most appealing features of pop-up banners is that any sales consultant will be able to set them up within minutes and have the company brand or product displayed in a prominent manner. As perhaps one of the most affordable means for displaying messages and also the most durable, the roll-up or pop-up stands have become exceptionally popular at exhibitions and trade shows. The banners can just as successfully be used at conferences, seminars, workshops, and any other presentation of the company brand. The pop-ups are lightweight making it easy to carry even two around without any real effort.

An often overlooked benefit of pop-ups is the fact that no electricity is required to have an effective display. Equally impressive is the fact that the banners can be used indoors and outdoors and are protected against dust, sunlight, and moisture when stored away, thus prolonging their lifespan.

Another benefit of the pop-up banners is their pricing. Cheaper than many of the display options, it allows for even the small business owner to have a highly effective and professional display and thus to compete with the big guns. Taking up little floor space, the banners also help display stand exhibitors to rent smaller spaces if their budgets are limited.

The retractable features, combined with the light structure make the banners perfect for any display occasion. If you want to add a bit of flair, just get one of the accessories such as a neon light. Contact us today to get more information and pricing on the various pop-up banners in our product stable.