If you are looking for an easy to use and highly visible way to promote your products or your company, then you should evaluate the pop up banner. There are a variety of pop up banner designs that are suitable for use in a variety of different environments. Pop up banners can be used at exhibitions, trade shows and at point of sale, where their highly visible presence is extremely attractive to consumers. Pop up banners can be produced in either black and white, full colour or a selection of colours which makes these pieces of marketing material highly versatile. One of the major advantages of the pop up banner is that setting it up is almost as easy as merely taking it out of its storage bag, a quick shake and the pop up banner actually sets itself up. This makes pop up banners suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of sales people. Even the most complex of pop up banner designs can be just as easily folded away for storage, a quick twist and they’re ready to be placed in the storage bag until the next time they are required.

The low cost of producing pop up banners and the robustness of the construction also makes them ideal for use in multiple locations. Due to the fact that pop up banners are extremely cost effective the organisation can have multiple different types printed for various sales promotions.

The design of the pop up banner can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of the organisation or a specific promotion. The design can be submitted through an ad agency or the pop up banner manufacturer is usually only too happy to assist with designing the pop up banner for the company.