How the New Fabric Shell Scheme Benefits Exhibition Centres

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a fabric pop-up system, the new fabric shell scheme available from us makes it easier for exhibition centres to set-up and provide booth frame spaces for exhibitors.


Problems with the Conventional Exhibition Booth Systems

The traditional shell scheme has been in use for many years. However, exhibition centres require systems that make it possible for exhibitors to set-up booths at their trade shows or events without having to design and fit entire booths.

Instead, the exhibition centres already provide the basic shell systems to which panels can be attached for display. The problem with the conventional structure is heaviness and size, making it difficult to set-up. The posts that separate the walls or panels pose a challenge for creating seamless graphic and image walls. The panels are also prone to damage such as scratches. With vinyl printed graphics not being reusable, these systems are not cost-effective for the exhibitors or the exhibition centres.


What is the Solution?

With the introduction of our fabric shell schemes, the mentioned challenges are overcome. Seamless fabric walls and easy to set-up booth structures, make this the perfect solution for exhibition centres and the exhibitors.



The system consists of a modular frame, made from aluminium. This makes it lightweight and thus easier to handle. The design allows for seamless fabric walls, possible through the usage of silicone edge graphic technology. The corner posts no longer pose a challenge for the wall additions as white poly twill fabric is stretched to create a smooth graphic surface from one corner post to the other. The panels can be substituted with fabric graphic print panels.

A fabric shell scheme, for instance, makes up a 3 x 3 m exhibition booth, consisting of only four aluminium posts instead of the ten posts required with the more traditional a 3 x 3 m system. With it being lightweight with fewer posts, set-up is quick and doesn’t require special equipment or several labourers.

The system is powder-coated in dark grey that makes it seamlessly fade into the background, helping to highlight the graphics. We offer the scheme in 1, 2, 3 and 4 m wall units. This gives the necessary flexibility to design and set-up booths according to exhibitor requirements.


Distinct Advantages

With innovative technology and design, we have made it possible for exhibition centres and their exhibitors to improve the appearance and neatness of the display booths. The customisation options are endless, helping to create the impression of uniquely designed and highly professional exhibition spaces. With such, the visitor experience is greatly enhanced. Sophistication and practicality are two words that come to mind when having to describe the lightweight fabric shell scheme.

Fabric panels can be used over and over as the material is washable. This makes it more cost-effective to host exhibition spaces. In addition, the panels are lighter and thus easier to handle. Furthermore, these panels can be folded and stored. With the small space footprint when stored, it makes sense to use the fabric panels. These systems are versatile as the shell schemes can be used for branding, signage and entrance areas.

With only three panels to fit and 12 locks to tighten, as opposed to nine-panel inserts and 32 locks of the conventional booth systems, the fabric shell schemes make it easier to set-up a comprehensive exhibition venue. Reduce cost and set-up time while also improving the flexibility and sophistication of exhibition spaces.


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