Businesses today need to draw the attention of people by way of gratifying their sense of curiosity.  The more curious people become, the more they want to know.  Competition nowadays starts with the kind of medium of publicity a certain company uses; the more daring and bold the advertisement is, the more it would likely be noticed by the public.  Some establishments incorporate a pop-up stand in their way of marketing their product.

Pop-up displays are the most common in trade show or expos.  It can be folded and set up quickly.  Though pop-up displays have been around for years, it still is as popular as ever but with a slight revision through the years.  Pop-up stands now come in the form of screens. There are companies that offer an AV display to incorporate a pop-up stand; this will give the display a more ‘wow’ impact.

Some companies that cater such a service can offer to provide the ability to add an LED, Plasma screen or LCD of up to 32” to their pop-up stand.  They have researched developed their own solution based on an existing DEXS pop-up stand design, which also opens up the way to have 3D presentations as well. The resultant product is of high quality and of high standard that the company gave it warranty for the next 10 years.  Prices are competitively reasonable without sacrificing the quality.

Some of the screens you could choose between include:

  • XPUSMK2 screens mount. This is either a LCD or LED monitor mount, weighs 5kg and approximately 21”.
  • An Expand Monitor Stand is ideal with most VESA mounts. It can be used as free standing monitor or integrated with pop-up stand.
  • DEXS Style Pop-up Display Stands are perfect for integrating a large-size LCD, LED or Plasma screen into the pop-up stand, capable of holding screens up to 60”.

Among the three, DEXS style pop-up stand is the most eye-catching one as it gives optimum results if you want your product to be flocked by consumers or clients.  It is but natural for people of all ages to be as curious as a cat and there is no pop-up stand that is as catchy as DEXS style pop-up stands.

This technological advancement is known as an incorporate pop-up stand, and is especially helpful in the field of commerce.  It gives a different dimension in product presentation and allows the targeted consumer see the things a certain product offers through the demo that can be viewed from the screen.

This technology offers ease and comforts both for the product company and target clients especially if the product is bulky.  Without having to drag the product to a certain area, the company can still present it with a full demonstration and can still close a deal with the help of an innovative incorporate pop-up stand as the centre of their expo.