Counter stands are important for the success of a tradeshow exhibition. You should keep in mind that counter stands should not fill the whole table, desktop or counter. You want space, but at the same time want a stand that can display sales material, leaflets, brochures, and promotional items.

For the above reason you will want to select something that will focus the attention of the tradeshow visitor on the sales material without cluttering the counter space. We design a wide range of counter stands all within the requirements for functionality, space saving, and maximum attention grabbing abilities.
Some of the counter stands come with pockets, while others have racks. The colour selection is equally important and as such we provide a wide range of colour options forcounter stands. Customisation is possible to ensure that the stands fit your booth, company colours, and the overall theme of your display. We pay careful attention to quality finishes as such says a lot about your company when a visitor comes into your booth.

The benefits of effective brochure stands are numerous including the ability to direct visitor traffic to specific products and areas in the booth. The stands can be used effectively in a limited space area and make it possible for visitors to access information easily. It also serves to take away pressure from the booth staff who will want to chat to visitors rather than running around with sales material to hand out. Get the maximum benefit of displays through effective counter stands. Contact us today for more information on the available options and for relevant quotes.