If you’ve never taken part in trade shows or exhibitions before, maybe its time for you to give the idea some thought. True, with the present recession it may not be the best time to consider such a courageous undertaking, especially if you’re a young company. However, such participation is an important part of one’s marketing strategy, because they are an important event where you can

  • Meet other companies in the same line as yourself
  • Cultivate new clients
  • Identify new suppliers
  • Show off your products or services

Remember – there are other people who want to meet you, it’s not a one-way event. If this is to be the first time that you have participated in such an event, you’ll probably need a little help – this is where Scan Display comes in. We have more than ten years of experience in promoting clients in trade shows and exhibitions. That’s our job and our profession. We have a team of experts comprising graphic designers, exhibition architects, marketers and stand builders who are all at your disposal for that important first step.

How do you go about all of this? Well, the first step is to contact us and organise a meeting, and thereafter we can together plan a strategy. Our team will do everything from designing your first exhibition stand, building it (first as a 3D model) and finally assembling it at the venue. We will make sure that the display stand is up and running on time anywhere in the country, and when the exhibition’s over will break it down and store it. This is our forte, and you can take a look at examples of many of the successful stands we have designed for clients in our portfolio. Contact us at any time on +27 11 447 4777 for further information.