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Scan Display can build vaccination centres at scale

by | Feb 16, 2021

“South Africa’s exhibition industry has a proven track record of providing quick and affordable solutions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. From testing and isolation centres to field hospitals, the exhibition industry’s temporary structures have allowed us to re-purpose our stock and create solutions in response to this health crisis,” says Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, a company that builds exhibition stands and infrastructure. “We can help with the next step in the pandemic response, with the set-up of vaccination centres around the country.”

Hawes explains that Scan Display stocks a product well suited to these temporary builds, “Shell scheme is a simple walling system that is synonymous with exhibitions. Because it is modular, it can be configured in endless ways and adapted to fit any space or structure. It can also be assembled and taken down in short time frames, and it is inexpensive, easy to transport and can be repurposed after each use.”

Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Full Layout Concept

Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Close-up Concept

Scan Display carries large volumes of shell scheme and has the skills and capacity to set it up. “We can design layouts to fit any existing space, such as exhibition halls and other event venues. And by working with health authorities, we can ensure these meet the required Covid-19 safety measures,” he says.

The role of the exhibition industry in the global response to the pandemic is well documented. Temporary field hospitals were erected at the start of the pandemic, including seven Nightingale Hospitals in the UK and the Hospital of Hope in Cape Town. And now vaccination centres are popping up in sports halls and concert arenas in Germany, racecourses and stadiums in the UK, and exhibition centres in Belgium and Copenhagen. These are just a few examples.

Testing Area at Recharge 2020 at Grand Café & Beach Venue, Cape Town

Testing Area at Recharge 2020 at Grand Café & Beach Venue, Cape Town

Scan Display’s role in building the Hospital of Hope at the CTICC was made possible by using the company’s modular system, which required 1 600 running metres of hard wood walling to partition 863 beds.

Jane Steel, Sales Manager of Scan Display, managed the Scan Display team on this build. She says, “While this project was complex and new territory for us, we had the advantage of experience doing exhibition builds. This means we have a strong technical background in building safe structures and can adapt to new and changing circumstances, problem solve on the fly and manage relentless time pressures. It also requires that we develop good partnerships with all stakeholders so there are no communication gaps and only strong collaborations. Our sector truly has the ideal skill set and temperament for these kinds of projects.

Through the South African Events Council, stringent Covid-19 safety protocols for live events have been published. These include internationally benchmarked best practice for exhibition build-ups and breakdowns. “We are all well versed in how to operate within these guidelines, and we understand what is at stake.” says Hawes.

Testing Area at Recharge 2020 at Grand Café & Beach Venue, Cape Town

Nurses’ Station at the Hospital of Hope, Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

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