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Fabric Shell Scheme proves its popularity

by | Nov 24, 2015

We have recently introduced Fabric Shell Scheme, giving clients a fresh alternative to conventional shell scheme structures for their exhibitions and events.  

Conventional shell scheme structures, with their white PST panels and aluminium frames, have been the norm at exhibitions, says Justin Hawes, Managing Director of Scan Display. However this fabric alternative is quickly taking its place as a popular, affordable alternative.

The new shell scheme profile makes use of our Tension Fabric System which spans the length of an exhibition stand, eliminating the need for disruptive poles in the structure. Each exhibition stand has black anodised poles in its corners, with plain or branded fabric stretched across to block off the stand’s designated area.

With its LED lighting and with fewer structural elements needing to be produced, the Fabric Shell Scheme is an ideal green solution too. The structure is also lighter and more compact when disassembled, reducing the carbon footprint generated from transporting it.

The compact nature and durability of the Fabric Shell Scheme means that it is easier to store between exhibitions and will last much longer than brittle shell scheme elements.

“The Fabric Shell Scheme is an ideal exhibition solution for a pavilion set up,” says Justin, who demonstrated the product at last year’s Event Industry Summit in Johannesburg.

The shell scheme stands are also customisable for exhibitors, with a variety of colour options available and fascias that can be branded and re-used by the exhibitor. Fabric Shell Scheme incorporates all of the conveniences of conventional shell scheme including LED lighting, power points and the ability to wall-mount LCD screens.



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