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The Wing – an indestructible, green product

by | Sep 29, 2015

As the South African meetings and events industry aims to increase sustainability across all aspects of event organisation, Scan Display’s Managing Director, Justin Hawes, says we should consider some of the tried-and-tested ‘oldies’ as eco-friendly options.

Scan Display’s Wing has been a consistent marketing feature for exhibitors and marketers at events and activations over the past 18 years. With its roller banner base made from aluminium , the locally-manufactured Wing was first introduced as a competitor to imported products that promised similar functionality.

“When we first started manufacturing the Wing, sustainable event solutions were hardly a whisper on organisers’ lips,” says Justin. “However, over the 18 years we have been distributing this product we’ve realised its potential as one of the most environmentally-friendly products on the market.”

Justin adds that the product is considered indestructible. (Have a look at Justin showing just how indestructible in the video below.) The sturdy frame can also be opened, for easy banner exchange, and can be repaired, unlike its imported counterparts.

This easy repair differentiates the Wing from similar products that are manufactured overseas, imported to South Africa and arrive completely enclosed. Most often these competitor products either don’t allow for banner replacement or can’t be repaired once broken. Often, the header of the roll-up banner will also become loose, causing the roll-up banner to be snapped in the banner base and unable to be repaired.


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