Why the Company You Choose for Your Expo Stands Needs to Be Experienced in 3D Stand Design

Every company is vying for highly competitive business from consumers who have many options to satisfy their needs. The best way to getting your business noticed when attending an exhibition tradeshow is to have an attention grabbing and well-executed stand. Exhibitions provide you with the chance to interact with potential clients and make a lasting impression on prospective consumers.

In order to generate interest and to set yourself apart from your competitors, you need an expo stand that stands out from the crowd. Choosing a company to build your expo stand is an important decision. The company you decide on should be well-versed in 3D stand design, in order to construct your expo stand according to your unique vision and help you to bring it to life.

What is 3D stand design? It is the process by which designers create a 3D rendering of the proposed design. At Scan Display, we are a leader in the exhibition and expo stand design sector in southern Africa. We specialise in 3D stand design and our designs have won more Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA) Stand Awards than any other entrant. Additionally, our skilled team has also won numerous international awards for their 3D stand designs.


Cutting-edge 3D Stand Design Technology and Leading Industry Professionals

We raised our own in-house design team that produces all designs in 3D visuals. This enables our valued clients to approve their displays and stands from every angle before production starts. Our turnkey solutions have helped many South African businesses to realise their vision and save money on display and expo stands.

We use innovative Vectorworks software to produce renderings of your stand design. Our team sits down with you to discuss your needs and ideas, and together we come up with an original idea for the stand. Our designers produce renderings of the ideas and work from that when constructing the stand.

Our reputation speaks for itself. You can benefit from our cutting-edge 3D stand designs and know exactly what you’re getting. At Scan Display, our many awards and accolades attest to the quality and effectiveness of our expo stands and now you can grow your business by investing in state-of-the-art 3D stand designs. Don’t guess at what you will receive for your investment – know exactly what your money buys you through our 3D renderings of your stand designs!

Aside from offering 3D stand designs and stand construction, we also provide many other products and services, which include:

  • Effective project management;
  • Marquees;
  • Electronics and lighting; and
  • Floor plan designs, to name only a few.

We have worked hard to solidify our reputation as an industry leader in our sector. Our specialty also extends to providing graphic design and branding, retail kiosks and showcases, among others. Contact us at Scan Display to discuss our 3D stand design solutions in greater detail and to partner with an industry leader in the expo and exhibition display sector.