LED Fabric Lightboxes

LED Fabric Lightboxes Revolutionise Visual Adverts in Retail Spaces

In-store retail exhibitions and international travel events are two areas of application when it comes to LED fabric lightboxes. However, such technology is now widely used in shopping malls and even restaurants.

Why the Popularity of LED Fabric Lightboxes?

LED allows for exceptional energy efficient displays. Instead of energy intensive bulb systems, our fabric lightboxes feature LED lights. The energy savings are considerable over the long term, especially if you have several displays in stores around the country.

Stunning visual displays are possible because the LED lights at the back of the printed fabric canvas, illuminate the image in such a way so as to eliminate any form of glare. In this way, the entire message is seen regardless of which angle it is viewed from. With the unique placement options for the lights, it is possible to create different visual effects to highlight the displayed image according to your requirements.

The flexibility in design allows for the easy replacement of images. The fabric system makes it cost effective to change images without having to get new frames. The cost to the company regarding displays is thus lower, whilst adverts can be changed as and when needed.

The versatility of the lightboxes also makes it possible to use the LED fabric displays at hospitals, schools, shopping malls, trade shows, and hotels.

Recent Improvements for Even Better Displays

True to our commitment to bringing you the best possible products for maximum efficiency, we have made a few modifications to the LED fabric lightboxes. With these improvements, they are even more functional in design. We now offer you ultra-slim 50-mm aluminium frame systems instead of the 65-mm frames.

The thinner system makes it possible to fit the LED fabric boxes in even smaller spaces. Of course, it is all about visual display and with a thinner frame system, you can also expect displays that are even more stunning.

One of the features of the newly improved LED fabric lightboxes is the use of block-out fabric, which prevents visibility of the LED lights in the background. These fabric systems are imported from Germany – a country known for superb engineering. The light bulbs are invisible regardless of the angle of viewing or displaying. The lights can now be placed in different arrangements, giving you more options regarding visual effects. Add to the above, the options of warm, pure white or combination LED light arrangements, and the possibilities become endless.

Enhanced Safety Features

Your insurance company will applaud you for using such safe display technologies. The fabrics used in the lightboxes are flame retardant. To add to the safety profile, each lightbox also includes a heat sink in the back panel of the box. To this end, your advertising and expo displays using LED fabric lightboxes can thus meet the relevant occupational health and safety requirements.

Eye-catching is the word that comes to mind when thinking of our LED fabric lightboxes. Neat, easy to maintain, lightweight in design because of aluminium frames, and energy efficient, these display units can fit well in any retail or indoor exhibition centre.

Download our brochure for more information and give us a call to discuss your particular advertising and display needs.

Fabric Displays

Branded Fabric Displays

When it comes to finding the ideal exhibition stands for your next big event, you have a plethora of choices to ensure that you can get the ideal stands for your exhibition area. It always helps to have reusable stands available to you for the most effective method of going about multiple exhibitions throughout the business year, saving some time and money in the process. This is where fabric displays can be a viable option for durability and flexibility, with a variety of layouts to take full advantage of your next big exhibition event.

At Scan Display, we offer a selection of fabric displays from our Fabric Pop-Up System to our Tension Fabric Solution, giving you the freedom to get what you need to optimise your exhibition stand and stand out from the crowd at big events. A very important role being played by exhibition stands is simply to inform those walking by, which will hopefully pique some interest and potentially turn into conversions for your business. To achieve this feat, your stands must offer optimised areas for branding, which must be utilised for optimal visibility and key information about your products or business. Today, we will focus on our Fabric Pop-Up System and how this incredible design can offer versatility to not only adapt to different venues, but also provide reusable and durable qualities to give you a stand that you can take along to any exhibition.


The Fabric Pop-Up System

 At Scan Display, we use durable branded fabric to turn a regular frame stand into a stand that can be customised to fit your preferences. This stand features a lightweight and robust design, making it easy to set up and strong enough to take the beating of regular travelling. With such a variety of graphic options for this exhibition stand, you can design the layout to fit specific placements within your overall exhibition, or go for a complete walk-around brand to make it a stand-alone exhibition stand and draw some attention to your booth.

This fabric display can also feature a backlit configuration, making your booth more attractive and professional by lighting the back of the stand to create interest-piquing brightening effects for this stand. These fabric displays offer viable options for restricted exhibition areas as well, where height plays a factor, or the area is too confined for multiple stands and displays to be effectively placed. With backlit and complete 360˚ branding options, you will soon discover how effective the Fabric Pop-Up System can be for your exhibitions, with easy assembly and a lightweight robust frame to give you peace of mind knowing that you can set it up quickly and take it to the next event without any hassle.

At Scan Display, we offer a variety of exhibition stand solutions, including our range of fabric displays that can deliver a professional look and can be reused. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details on our available products, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Scan Display for your next big event and let us give you the competitive edge to make it a roaring success.

Fabric Lightboxes

Lightweight Fabric Lightboxes for Portable Advertising Displays

LED Fabric lightboxes are perfectly ideal for displaying advertising in an eye-catching and memorable way. As all exhibitors and retailers know, competition is tough. Making your exhibition or retail outlet attention arresting may mean the difference between signing up new clients or losing them to the competition. Partnering with a leading supplier of cutting-edge retail display solutions in southern Africa is a great strategy for a forward-thinking and modern South African company.

We, at Scan Display, are a leading supplier of award-winning stands, retail displays, and event and exhibition infrastructure. We have developed a solution where LED lighting is added to our celebrated Tension Fabric System to create celebrated LED fabric lightboxes. This produces attention-arresting displays for the retail environment that leave a lasting impression.

There are many reasons why our innovative fabric lightboxes are perfectly suited for a modern 21st century South African enterprise looking for a way to set itself apart in the marketplace. Here are only a few of the features of our LED fabric lightboxes that contribute to their popularity:

  • Striking slimline aluminium frames;
  • Smooth fabric graphics up to 50m long;
  • Cost-effective graphic reprints;
  • Easily added and removed graphics;
  • LED light bulbs that last up to 30 000 hours;
  • Low energy usage makes our fabric lightboxes an environmentally friendly advertising solution; and
  • Low maintenance advertising solution with no glare.

Choose Scan Display’s LED Fabric Lightboxes to Make a Lasting Impression

We have developed a range of beautiful LED fabric lightboxes and illuminated graphic display options perfectly suited for retail, corporate, events and commercial environments. The fabric lightboxes are charming lightweight graphic displays that feature easily interchangeable printed graphics and high-quality LED lighting technology.

Making use of fixed or removable graphics, our cutting-edge line of lightbox designs incorporates an extensive variety of materials that create an engaging area of graphic display and messaging. We are proud of our celebrated range of lightbox solutions, available in profile depths from 10mm to 135mm. It even provides illumination, while also being energy efficient at the same time.

Since our fabric lightboxes are manufactured in-house, we can manufacture the lighting solution according to bespoke size specifications, ranging from 3.5m high x 40m wide. What’s more, we also offer both double and single-sided illumination, as well as tailored colour temperature LED lighting.

At Scan Retail, we are continually investing in product development and enhancement to ensure that we remain at the top of our industry. Our great quality fabric lightboxes incorporate advanced LED light engine technology that illuminates a dot-matrix patterned light guide plate. This pattern is calculated by panel size, creating evenly distributed light across the taut fabric. The end result is a strikingly illuminated display that features your business’s graphics, easily interchangeable and cost-effective.

We can tailor our fabric lightboxes according to your preferences and requirements, helping you get excellent value for your money. Brand your business with eye-catching lightbox technology and make a lasting impression on your consumers. Contact us to learn more about our groundbreaking LED lighting technology.