Branded Fabric Displays

When it comes to finding the ideal exhibition stands for your next big event, you have a plethora of choices to ensure that you can get the ideal stands for your exhibition area. It always helps to have reusable stands available to you for the most effective method of going about multiple exhibitions throughout the business year, saving some time and money in the process. This is where fabric displays can be a viable option for durability and flexibility, with a variety of layouts to take full advantage of your next big exhibition event.

At Scan Display, we offer a selection of fabric displays from our Fabric Pop-Up System to our Tension Fabric Solution, giving you the freedom to get what you need to optimise your exhibition stand and stand out from the crowd at big events. A very important role being played by exhibition stands is simply to inform those walking by, which will hopefully pique some interest and potentially turn into conversions for your business. To achieve this feat, your stands must offer optimised areas for branding, which must be utilised for optimal visibility and key information about your products or business. Today, we will focus on our Fabric Pop-Up System and how this incredible design can offer versatility to not only adapt to different venues, but also provide reusable and durable qualities to give you a stand that you can take along to any exhibition.


The Fabric Pop-Up System

 At Scan Display, we use durable branded fabric to turn a regular frame stand into a stand that can be customised to fit your preferences. This stand features a lightweight and robust design, making it easy to set up and strong enough to take the beating of regular travelling. With such a variety of graphic options for this exhibition stand, you can design the layout to fit specific placements within your overall exhibition, or go for a complete walk-around brand to make it a stand-alone exhibition stand and draw some attention to your booth.

This fabric display can also feature a backlit configuration, making your booth more attractive and professional by lighting the back of the stand to create interest-piquing brightening effects for this stand. These fabric displays offer viable options for restricted exhibition areas as well, where height plays a factor, or the area is too confined for multiple stands and displays to be effectively placed. With backlit and complete 360˚ branding options, you will soon discover how effective the Fabric Pop-Up System can be for your exhibitions, with easy assembly and a lightweight robust frame to give you peace of mind knowing that you can set it up quickly and take it to the next event without any hassle.

At Scan Display, we offer a variety of exhibition stand solutions, including our range of fabric displays that can deliver a professional look and can be reused. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details on our available products, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Scan Display for your next big event and let us give you the competitive edge to make it a roaring success.