Display Units Sell Products

There are many advantages to using display units to sell your products and one of the most obvious is that they are totally mobile; simply pack up the unit and move it to a new venue or show whenever it is needed there.   These merchandising units also act as mini shop fronts and can be parked in a shopping centre where you do not have an actual shop – usually at a far lower fee than renting shop space.  Just keep in mind that shopping centres may have rules pertaining to the style, size and type of display units you may use.


Most of the time, display units are manned by a single person; so the unit should be designed to offer the best possible security.  Typically, these units are wheeled for easily moving them around, but they can also be secured to the floor.  Usually, all the lids and surfaces can flip closed and locked to form a secured unit when unattended or when closed for business.  Products can also be displayed behind transparent perspex or glass windows to discourage theft.


Display units are offered in several configurations, depending on what you want to use them for, and what the shopping centre’s regulations may prescribe.  The height and number of shelves differ and the unit can incorporate several lockable storage spaces too, for stowing stock.  There is a specific area where the minder of the unit will reside, with a special space for the cash register.

The near side of the display units where the minder sits may be open, but the far side may be closed up by the aforementioned windows for security reasons.  This is because one person cannot always keep an eye on people on the far side of the unit, especially when there are many people around.

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