It is of the utmost importance that a business positions itself in a highly visible manner in order to attract customers. Often this calls for marketing material that can be used off site. Some of the most useful and easy to use marketing tools available today are the various pull up banners that can be used in a variety of different situations. Pull up banners can feature full colour representations of company products, as well as positioning the company identity through depictions of logo’s and various pay off lines. Pull up banners are available in both single colour and full colour variants and are both attractive and durable.

pull up bannersPull up banners are especially useful when the company is taking part in exhibitions or trade shows. Pull up banners are highly portable and can be set up in only minutes by even the most inexperienced marketing employees. Pull up banners also offer superior return on investment due to the fact that they can be used again and again due to the fact that they are constructed of highly durable PVC material. One of the only limitations of pull up banners is that they are most suited for indoor use. They can be used outdoors, however in windy conditions the base of the pull up banner will have to be weighed down using sandbags or other similar aids. This leads to an unattractive appearance and for this reason pull up banners are recommended for indoor usage.

Most pull up banners are supplied with a carry case which allows for easy transportation of the pull up banner. The small size of the pull up banners also means that they can be transported to an exhibition or trade show in the boot of an average sized family saloon car. Pull up banners are usually printed on a single side, however there are processes that allow for both sides of the banner to be printed. This is especially useful if the banner will be visible to walking traffic in the centre of a trade show. Another advantage of the pull up banner is that it is extremely fast to produce. Specialist banner manufacturing companies can usually fulfil an order within one of two days if they are supplied with finished artwork.

The pull up banner has remained a firm favourite with marketing departments for many years due to the low cost and fast production times. The low cost means that pull up banners are suitable for product launches where the banner will only be used a few times. Pull up banners are also extremely useful as part of point of sale displays. More and more companies are using banners to make their point of sale presence highly visible.

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