Audio-Visual Excellence 

When it comes to optimising your exhibition stand for expos and similar events, a popular and effective choice is the incorporation of AV on stands. Regardless of which type of industry your business is serving, the functionality of your product or the direct application of your service should be demonstrated at your exhibition stand, and this is where the right AV equipment can make a real difference by graphically demonstrating how your product or service works in the real world.

Although these AV enhancements may require an additional electricity source for your stand, this is a minor consideration when you keep the various benefits in mind, especially when targeting the current market of millennials that expects an exhibition stand to feature various AV enhancements for a richer and more interactive experience. Scan Display offers a variety of exhibition stands that range from simplistic portable banner stands to highly complex custom stands that the customer can design themselves. Therefore, you can easily incorporate AV enhancements in your custom stand to take your exhibition game to the next level. Let’s have a closer look at how incorporating AV in your exhibition stand can boost your profile at events.

Basic AV Implementation 

Audio/video or audio-visual – AV for short – refers to a combination of visual and auditory devices that are popular today and successfully utilised within many business sectors. Regardless of what type of exhibition stand you have or plan to get for your next big event, you can always give it an AV dimension to set your stand apart. Times are changing, with statistics now showing that millennials are gaining the upper hand over previous generations in terms of purchasing power and market influence.

Therefore, showing what your product or service is capable of and designed to do on a visual level with a digital screen at your stand or booth is a step in the right direction when trying to reach and impress the brand-new generation of buyers. This generation could not care for long explanations about certain products and just want to see what you offer. Having screens displaying various products or services will always spark interest in your booth and adding an audio component to complement the video will increase its impact.

Scan Display can make such an exhibition stand a reality by giving you the option to design your own custom stand and strategically incorporating AV enhancements to work to your advantage. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur that needs to get the word out about your product, or a popular brand that wants to showcase a new line of products and services, AV enhancement will always increase your exposure.

Scan Display offers a wide variety of exhibition stands for our customers, whether you want a branded portable banner or a custom-built exhibit incorporating the AV component. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images on our custom stands and other products, or contact us directly with your enquiries. Take your exhibition game to the next level with Scan Display’s AV savvy for your next big expo.