LED light boxes are becoming quite popular amongst business owners to create eye-catching displays that are both durable and long lasting. LEDs are well known for their intense brightness and their ability to keep burning for more than a decade. Depending on how and where you have the displays installed you can do all kinds of fun and creative things with your displays.

Ideally you want to be able to put them in places where everyone can see them, but when you start getting creative with the displays and using the lighting to its maximum effect, it will attract attention all by itself. The boxes can be designed and shaped into picture frames to provide backlighting for posters, and the actual sign itself can be comprised of hundreds of LED lights to create display.

The flexibility in application really opens up the possibilities for you, allowing you the chance to create a display that is effective during the day and twice as effective at night.

Light Displays Can Be Used Any Where Any Time

LED Light Boxes

Indoor displays are a lot easier to handle because you don’t really have to worry about insulation and protection from the elements, but when you have to install them outside in the open, you have to make sure that it is kept water tight and airtight to prevent anything that can cause damage from getting in there. As long as you solve that problem while you are designing it, you are free to do whatever you please with the display.

Nightclubs, pubs and bars are often quite dark inside and the lighting provided is usually just to maintain the ambience. Liquor displays tend to be a lot more effective with a back light that runs along the borders of the box, illuminating the bottle from all sides and making it look more appealing to the eye. In fact, most of the promoters love to use them when they have new products to advertise on the market.

You will often find one of their reps coming past your store and offering you a few samples and a couple promo items to put up on the counters or along the bar. They do so because it helps promote sales when people know that a particular drink is being sold there.

What Makes LED Light Boxes So Special

With the durability and long lasting lighting it produces, an LED is able to provide you with the same amount of light for a much longer period. That means you get the benefit of using it for longer and getting more than your money’s worth when you build them. The size of the bulbs, allow them to be placed in tiny corners where their light can shine through from an angle creating a neat effect inside the display.

You can create any number of possible combinations, positions and even colours to master and maximise your lighting effects for just about any display you can think of. All it takes is a little bit of clever and creative thinking to turn a simple box into the ultimate display case.