Pull up banner stands are ideal for outdoor displays.  Their main advantage for outdoor and travelling use is that they are extremely compact.  They roll up into a base tube and are easy to transport.  Upon setting up your exhibition stand, you simply roll it out and set it up in the appropriate spot.  It is intended for indoor use, because it will easily blow over outdoors.

The Hurricane banner is more stable in wind and as such, it is the appropriate outdoor banner for those who prefer the advantages of pull up banner stands outdoors.  Pull up banners come in many different sizes; the Mini Wing is the smallest with a banner size of 595mm x 1720mm.  The dimensions of both the Wing and Wing Lite are 845mm x 2100mm and the Maxi Wing takes the width to 995mm.  1.2m and 1.5m Wings are also available, both with a length of 2100mm.  Keep in mind that the entire banner area is not available for your graphic; 30mm has to be allowed for at both the top and bottom for the part that is attached to the header pole and the part that is still partially retracted in the base tube.

These banners may be printed double-sided, allowing you to place them somewhere centrally in your exhibition area, making them viewable from most angles.  You can have virtually anything printed on them, from large graphics to any combination of imagery and text to effectively promote your brand and/or product or service.

Pull up banner stands remain one of the truly versatile exhibition display options by dint of their compact size and easy configurability.  Scan Display can offer you many other exhibition stand options too, from the entire infrastructure to presentation products like brochure stands and clip frames.  Contact us today.