Purchase Branded Gazebos for Your Branded Advertising

A branded gazebo used for advertising purposes for your business offers shelter and a powerful advertising tool. Make use of this clever advertising method at your next outdoor event. When hosting outdoor events, you will need to set up a gazebo for your employees anyway to protect them from the elements – so why not make the best use of this advertising opportunity? Deck it out with your corporate colours and tastefully include your company logo for great brand exposure.

There are so many options available when looking at branded gazebos. We are the leader in the exhibition and display industry in Southern Africa. Our speciality lies with retail displays and award winning stand designs and event exhibition infrastructure. We can help provide you with all of the outdoor advertising materials you’ll need to carry over your brand message to your audience effectively and succinctly.

Branded Gazebos

We provide our customers with top quality and affordable branded gazebos. The standard and deluxe branded gazebos come available in varying sizes. These stand on very sturdy aluminium legs that can be firmly anchored to the ground. This allows our branded gazebos to be used in even the windiest of conditions. The facia panels of the gazebo are the best place to situate your company’s branding due to its height and the fact that it can easily be spotted from afar.
to save money on everyday items.

We make available to our customers a variety of outer outdoor promotional products and props that can further draw attention to your branded gazebo and display. These can include telescopic banners, flags and shark fins which come available in 2500mm or 3500mm. All of these are available from our range of affordable outdoor display products. Our range of branded gazebos include the:

  • Deluxe gazebo – 2800mm2
  • Standard gazebo

Why not choose a colour that fits your corporate colours, for an even more impactful branding effect. You can also make use of a sturdy banner wall that will offer more branding opportunity. We service the entire South Africa and southern Africa region – in cities like Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth especially where everyone is familiar with the major winds in those cities, we provide Hurricane roll up banners, which can be used in conjunction with your branded gazebos. This will provide you with far stronger wind resistance as opposed to the conventional roll up banners. There are other banners that can also work well with your gazebo display that are low profile A-frame banners.

The popup version of these A-frame banners is affordable and very easy to set up and take down at a moment’s notice. However, they will need to be anchored to the ground due to their light weight. We also provide the sturdier aluminium tube A-frame that is heavier and not as susceptible to being swept away by the wind. However, the aluminium tube A-frame will take a bit more effort to set up, but its high quality material and design will help you to produce a classy and attractive brand display design that you can change at will while being able to use the underlying structure for many years to come.

We are proud of our vast selection of outdoor advertising displays. Due to Scan Display’s large buying power we are able to provide our customers with the best advertising display material at the best prices. Thanks to our commitment to customer service excellence we have grown to become one of the leaders in branded gazebos and other advertising displays in southern Africa. Shop online through our user friendly website and make the smartest choice for your company’s advertising.

Promotional Flags: The Modern Day Identifiers

Promotional Flags: The Modern Day Identifiers

Promotional flags are the new call to arms in the modern day battle of marketing. Commerce has replaced territory as the goal, and companies around the world are waging marketing war on each other to accumulate clientele and increase profits.

Branding is essential in today’s business world and marketing materials like promotional flags (used mostly in outdoor advertising) are the signifiers. It tells the customer where the product is and instructs them where to go. The flag is a common thing and most don’t even give a thought to its origins. With time it has evolved and has adapted to a staple in outdoor advertising.

History of the Flag

Promotional Flags Walk down any business district and you will notice a flurry of outdoor advertising. Banners, signs and promotional flags all vying for your attention, peddling their wares and attracting the attention of would-be consumers. The promotion flag is a commercial evolution from the traditional flag used by countries or the military.

The flag started out as a simple piece of fabric with and identifying symbol or colours on it. Most commonly it is rectangular, but there have been variations in shape and size to differentiate it from others. The flag is adorned with a specific graphic design which is a unique identifier to the source who displays it.

The first uses of the flag in military strategy and were a way for armies to coordinate their military strategies on the battlefield. It evolved into a way of identification and became a strong patriotic symbol for tribes and countries. The most common association with flags is with national identity. Each country has a flag with a unique design that is adopted as a national symbol. Some of the most recognisable flags are the Union Jack (Great Britain), the Star Spangled Banner (United States of America) and the tricolour (France).

Counties often have two versions of their flag. The civil version is the one used most commonly and identified with that country. You’ll see it used at state functions and sporting events. The war flag is, as the name states, a call to arms and used by the armed forces in times of conflict. The various national regiments like the navy, air force or army can all have separate flags.

Promotional Flags: Staple of Outdoor Advertising

As marketing and advertising grew promotional flags were adapted and become branding symbols. Outdoor events were the perfect venue for this new style of outdoor advertising and branded flags flew proudly, adverting a product or brand name. Sporting events have become a common place for promotional flags. Think of a Formula One race and the amount of Ferrari, McLaren or Renault flags being waved proudly around the track. Or at a football match where there is a clash or colours and symbols when one team face another on the field.

A key area that promotional flags are used as outdoor advertising is at mass participation sporting events. In South Africa big events like the Comrades Marathon, Argus Cycle Race or Midmar Mile all get big exposure. Sponsors and sports products have a big presence and set up massive promotional stalls. The best way to identify yourself and stand out amongst the melee is with a branded flag. They fly high as a beacon to create brand awareness and separate them from their competitors.

Promotional flags have become very important in branding, especially when it comes to outdoor advertising.  As an identifier it has become a powerful marketing tool and become indispensible to companies, brand and organisations who want to fly their colours proudly.