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Roll Up Banner | Fabric Display Solutions

Can Your Business Use a Roll Up Banner?

If you are marketing a particular product that requires point of sale or experiential marketing one of the challenges is how to attract potential customers to the point of sale and engage them in a manner which will encourage them to sample your product or buy outright. One of the most cost effective ways of attracting customers is through the use of a roll up banner. A roll up banner provides point of sale outreaches with a highly visible and cost effective way of attracting customers.

roll up bannersModern And Attractive Fabric Display Solutions

Some of the most useful display marketing tools that are available to companies today are constructed from varieties of different hard wearing fabric. These fabric display solutions can consist of pull up banners, banner flag displays, hanging banners and even backdrops that form part of display solutions for use at trade shows and conventions. These display solutions have a variety of advantages that have made them firm favourites amongst marketing departments not only in South Africa, but across the world.

The fabric displays are incredibly hard wearing due to the fact that they are constructed from vinyl, which is resistant to tearing, as well as being basically weatherproof. These fabric display solutions can be used out of doors due to this resistance to adverse weather conditions, including light winds, rain and even snow and hail. If the fabric display units are used outdoors than car has to be taken to weigh them down otherwise their lightweight construction can cause them to shift position.

The new technology, both for printing and for the production of the vinyl fabric display solutions themselves means that marketing department are free to exercise their creativity when it comes to the size, shape and graphics that appear on the displays. Companies that produce these display solutions can take existing artwork and manipulate it so that it is suitable for use on the displays. The only proviso is that the artwork is supplied in a format and resolution that allows for this conversion process and ensures that the graphics are high quality when they appear on the final product.

Many of the fabric display solutions are highly portable and can easily fit into the boot of an average sized motor vehicle. The display solutions are usually supplied in a carry bog for easy transport and can be erected by even the most inexperienced of marketing personnel. The fabric display solutions are quick to erect and break down, making them suitable for pressurised environments such as those found at trade shows and conventions.

These fabric display units offer excellent return on investment due to the fact that they are so hard wearing and the low initial cost means that marketing budgets can be stretched to include once off designs suitable for product launches. The high quality finishes of the display units also means that they will not look out of place in reception areas and foyers and can even be used at board meetings.

Companies like Scan Display have a wide variety of fabric display solutions and can produce unique designs that suit the requirements of any business.

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