Roll-up banners are highly effective marketing tools for any company wishing to promote their brand at trade shows and exhibitions. To get the attention of visitors, one has to be creative, especially since there are hundreds of competitors at these shows selling similar products or services. It is great to hand-out brochures and pamphlets or even to make use of a static billboard, but if you want effectiveness at an affordable price, roll-up banners are the way to go.

The roll-ups are easy to setup, extremely portable, can be packed up in a manner of minutes, don’t rip or damage as easily as would a billboard or poster, and are number one when it comes to convenience.

The roll-up banners are so easy to use because they come with a roller at the base with a recoil device. This makes it possible to rewind the banner without damaging it and to pull it out and let it display in a more convenient way than would be possible with any other display stand. You don’t need to hire help to get the display up and what’s more is that you can pack it away and use at your next exhibition with the same ease.

The specific way that it is packed protects it against moisture and dust when stored away. In addition no fading of the picture will take place as it is protected against light damage when rolled up and stored in its case. When it comes to convenience and durability, roll-up banners should be the display form of choice. View our catalogue of products and contact us today to order your roll-up banners, custom printed to your requirements.