Easy To Erect And Customer Friendly Trade Fair Stands

Attendance at trade fairs has become an increasingly important part of the marketing activities of companies that wish to introduce new products to the South African market or attract clients and distributors that will retail these products either domestically or to an international market that recognises the quality of South African goods and services. In order to make a lasting impression on the target audience the company will often order trade fair stands that allow it products and services to stand out from the competition. These trade fair stands can take the form of ready to use shell schemes or be tailor made to suit the clients’ unique requirements.

Trade fair stands are available in a number of different formats and specifications that will suit these requirements. Entry level trade fair stands represent an excellent return on investment due to the n materials that are today being used in their construction. These new materials, including composites of many different kinds are both lighter and stringer than those used for the construction of trade fair stands only a few years ago. In addition the modular nature of shell schemes and even uniquely designed trade fair stands mans that even the most inexperienced marketing department employees should be able to erect the stand in a very short time, after some coaching by the stand manufacturer.

The space restrictions of the average trade fair man that trade fair stands need to make use of the available space in a highly effective manner. This has led to some unique designs. Many trade fair stands today take up very little floor space but make up for this limitation by featuring different levels which can be accessed by both employees and potential clients. These trade fair stands can be pricey and require specialist knowledge and skill to erect but can pay enormous dividends in the increased numbers of visitors. The design and manufacture of the components that make up these types of stands can be undertaken by many of the specialist trade fair and exhibition stand manufacturers that provide design services in South Africa.

On the other end of the scale are the simple shell schemes that can be purchased for use as trade fair stands. These shell schemes are excellent value for money and feature robust design that will mean years of service in the trade show and exhibition environment. The modular design of the shell schemes also means that damage to any portion of the scheme can quickly be repaired and a replacement part can be available in a very short time.