Unique 3D Stand Designs from Scan Display

What does your target audience think about your business brand and its overall image? How you present yourself to the marketplace is important if you want to make a lasting impression on your potential clients. Displaying brochures and marketing material at exhibitions, trade shows and similar, effectively is vitally important if you want to create a professional image for your business. Ensuring that there is sufficient advertising material for your target audience is essential and with a range of unique 3D stand designs from us at Scan Display, you can now present your customers with brochures in style. Having a presence that is powerful is made possible if you are fully equipped and prepared at any and all of the shows that your business participates in.

It is also important to have a variety of stand and display options to choose from. If you want to have the competitive edge, order one or two types of stands and have them strategically placed at your stall and around the venue. At Scan Display, we have a range of collapsible 3D brochure and marketing material stands for you to choose from. Each of these stands features a unique design that is both functional and eye-catching. You double your chances of reaching your target audience with an attractive stand, as well as interesting and eye-catching marketing material too.

When ordering brochure stands from us, our expert designers will create a rendering of the potential stands for you according to your requirements and design preferences. We make use of a professional program called Vectorworks to create a 3D image of what your brochure or marketing stand will look like. This is less time consuming than creating a real-life model, which can also work out to be expensive for the client.

We currently have 4 main brochure holders in our catalogue for you to choose from and these include the following:

  • Zedup clear L18 – this stand comes with a carry case.
  • Stacker curved L19.
  • Stacker straight L19B.
  • 18 pocket fanfare L12.

Each of our brochure stands are designed to be lightweight and highly portable, in order to ensure that you can get your brochures and marketing material from A to B with absolute ease.

While we have pictures of our stands available on our website, we always welcome clients who wish to visit our premises to physically view what our 3D stands look like. You might also be interested to have a look at our various other products, such as roll up banners, portable stands and stalls, interior signage, poster displays, show cases, furniture, counters, outdoor branding and a great deal more.

Stand out from the rest with a 3D stand that is noticeable and designed to last! At Scan Display, we welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss our range of unique 3D stand designs. Take the time to send us an email or give us a call to learn more about our products and services today.