The most important success factor at an expo is the ability to attract attention and focus it on your specific company and its products. It is essential to get as many as possible visitors to your booth and attractive advertising banners are more often than not the answer.

The advertising banners should be eye catching, bright, bold and colourful to create the desired effect. Without the correct stands for advertising banners, your ads may not only go unnoticed, but display poorly.

It is recommended that you do a bit of research on the most appropriate banner stands for exhibitions and trade shows. You need to consider your budget, the durability, ease of use, and mobility of the stands before you select one for your advertising banners.

The roll-up or pull-up stands work well with trade shows and can also be used for smaller exhibitions and presentations. One benefit of the roll-up stands is that they are light. This means easier carrying from one spot to another. There is also the benefit of keeping the banners in tip top condition, but at the end of the day it is about display. And this is where the roll-up wins every time. The retractable feature makes it even more convenient, ensuring easy storage. You will be able to use the banners over and over, while storing will not be associated with dust build-up.

We offer a range of roll-up stands for advertising banners ensuring that you will be able to display small, medium and larger than life size banners with ease and professionally. View our range of display products and contact us today for a quote, order or assistance in the selection of the best items for your exhibition purposes.