The best way to ensure that your exhibition investment is not a waste is to pay close attention to the various display options. First you want to get the visitor to your booth and that is done through an effective and well designed banner, light boxes and an unusual booth. Then you want the visitor to get more information and for that you will havebrochure advertising. The brochures must be displayed professionally for brochure advertising to work.

As such careful consideration should go into the selection of stands for brochure advertising as your sales literature, leaflets, and promotional discounts cannot all be handed out by the sales people. You need a stand to ensure that the visitors can grab a leaflet at the specific product, from the table, and at the exit of the booth.
The brochure advertising stand must be attractive, functional and have the ability to get visitors to stop and take note. If you displayed something in your office, it would be fine if it went unnoticed, but at an exhibition it will just be a shame. You want the brochures to attract attention and the display of the brochures will do most of the work.

The portable stands work the best with tradeshows and are also cost effective. Keep in mind that you must have stands for the table, racks, and large display stands which the visitor will simply not be able to ignore. We provide a whole range of brochure advertising stands and services. Contact us today for assistance, more information or a quote.