Display Stands for Retail – Four Showcasing Mistakes to Avoid

Brick and mortar stores, as well as trade booths, are physical environments. In order to attract attention in such environments, it is essential to invest in display stands for retail that are focused on generating interest. Every display must be set up with the aim to attract attention and to create an immersive experience. Sales conversions are lower when the display stands are not professional.

If your retail or trade show displays are not working, consider investing in our display stands for retail. We offer an exceptional range and provide you with modular and custom-design options. To help you identify problem areas in your retail or exhibition stands, we briefly look at some display mistakes to avoid.

  1. No Depth

Lack of height and depth make a display dull. Products displayed at the same height throughout a store or on an exhibition stand lose their appeal. To make every product shine, you need stands for retail that allow for flexible displays, giving you opportunities to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing displays.

You want to vary the height, depth, colour, and related visual elements. Some products should be displayed in glass cabinets, while others would be best displayed in glass counters, with some more on pedestals and others hanging.

  • Cluttered Spaces

For retail and exhibition purposes, keep all your displays clutter-free. Too many variations and jam-packed displays cause confusion. In addition, the visitor is bombarded with visual elements to the level where it is impossible to focus their attention on one product. If a display is not attractive and is unapproachable, you can bet that the visitor or shopper will go elsewhere.

  • Complexity in Execution

You do not have to fill every bit of space in the store or event booth. Indeed, open spaces are good and can be used to direct the flow of visitors. You may have an elaborate display in the middle of the floor and the perfect display stands to support your idea. However, what if there is no electricity at that spot? Do you have to install a light box right there? Do you need additional light to highlight the products on display? If it means having to have visible wiring, it is better to reconsider where your display will be located.

  • Lack of Functionality

Even with the best possible display stands for retail, if your displays make no sense to the audience, you are wasting space. Every item on display must lead to more interest and must fit in with your overall sales strategy.

Give us a call for more information about our display stands for retail environments and events. Our consultants also assist with layout and technology, helping you to create engaging shopping environments.