When it comes to your showcase displays for your stand you want to be able to use them as effectively as possible. The whole idea behind the showcase is to highlight the items that are being stored inside there. If you are not sure what they look like, you would be looking for large cabinet displays with lots of glass and lighting to highlight the contents.

Showcase Displays Exhibitions displays are a great opportunity for you to get your name out there and create enough exposure for your business so that you have customers coming to all the time. Not only do you give them the chance to come back, but you might even be lucky enough to make a sale right there on the spot. Either way, you are generating business and marketing your company in plain sight.

Showcase Displays Can be Used for Various Things

On a personal level, they are often used to highlight one’s own personal achievements or that of a family member. Trophies, ribbons, certificates and medals can all be put up on display in there and with great lighting you can really show them off in style. You might even want to put your priceless china collection up for everyone to look at or perhaps your daughter prefers to keep all her old teddies in there for memorabilia.

When it comes to the commercial applications though, things get taken to a whole new level. The lighting effects are modified to create an appealing look and feel to the product on display. Jewellery can be displayed underneath lights that make the jewels sparkle for the people looking at them. You can even add mini motion graphic displays into the cases so that it gives your viewer information while they are looking at your product.

Adventure products can have climbers high up on the side of a mountain and precision products can be demonstrated in their practical environment when you are unable to do it in the current display area. If you were at an auto exhibition and you needed to display the performance of shock absorbers, you would have to provide people with video footage so they can see how it all works.

Ideally, you want to be able to give them a physical demonstration so that people can see it working in action, but that won’t always be possible in an 8 by 12 stall that still needs people and furniture in it.

Allow People to Interact with Your Exhibition Displays

Displays should be more interactive if you want them to be interesting. That means you have to grab someone’s attention long enough to keep it and you have to do it quickly. People walking around an exhibition will probably spend no more than 10 to 15 seconds in front of your stall and if they don’t see anything they like, they will move right along to the next one.

If you can find display screens that are touch activated you can allow your visitors to run programs that display your products and allow them to interact with it in a virtual environment. They can change the colours of the item or add additional features to it if it is possible on that particular product. You might have video clips of how the product is used and show them the various applications.

When you have casings, they also offer the additional feature of security. If you need to keep valuable items on display and you can’t keep a constant eye on it, then at least you’ll feel more comfortable about it knowing that it’s neatly locked away where everybody can still see it.

So choose your showcase displays carefully and put some thought into what is going in there and how you want to display it in the best possible way.