The 7 things Exhibition Designers Focus on to Create a Harmonious Stand with Impact

The ultimate goal of exhibition designers is to create a stand that is eye catching, relevant to your product or service and one that attracts potential customers like a magnet. Here are the seven main point focussed on to achieve this goal;

  1. Create harmony and not a hazardous environment. By combining factors like layout, lighting, colour, charts, exhibits, outreach planes and fine planning this can be achieved.
  2. Highlight the focus point. It’s important to attract the viewers’ attention using your featured product or service.
  3. Less is more. Since people will be walking past hastily, especially if you’re located at the end of their tour, you have to have a short and powerful message that will attract them.
  4. Incorporate a theme. You have to create a good first impression whilst revealing the core company principles.
  5. All signs should be eye-catching. Exhibition designers are especially good at creating a look and feel that will help you stand out from all the rest of the exhibitors.
  6. Always keep the target audience in mind. Your product has a specific target market, and your goal is to attract everyone who falls in that category.
  7. Careful conceptualization of stand layout. The designers will need to determine the exact layout early on during the planning stages to avoid unnecessary changes in the nick of time.

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