If you are exhibiting your products and services at a trade fair or show then you are going to have to consider having an exhibition display professionally designed and set up for you. These types of stands will require more than just an area with some company branding. This particular type of market is extremely competitive and if you want your target audience to notice you and your brand, then you are going to have to ensure that your stand is one that is eye-catching and interesting.

At https://www.scandisplay.co.za we specialise in designing and setting up such stands and will be delighted to assist you with yours. When approaching us for assistance you will notice that we can set up all inclusive cubicles complete with brochure stands, lighting, signage, counters, folding systems, furniture and so on. We can assist with absolutely everything from the design of the actual layout to the final printing and branding.

Our clients can expect for their exhibit to be clearly visible and absolutely attractive to their target audience. Simply let us know what your objectives are and we will sit with you to go over design, infrastructure and final implementation and set up. There is absolutely every reason to believe that with our assistance your stand will be the most attractive and visited at the event you are attending.

Setting up Your Stands at an Exhibition or Trade Show

When it comes to setting up your stands there are a few things that you will need to consider. For starters, it would be advised that you know who your target audience is before planning what type of visual display you want included. Once you have narrowed this down, creating artwork that will appeal to this audience is really your next challenge.

Of course the actual layout of your stand will depend on whether you are selling a product or a service. An exhibition is generally aimed at providing potential clients with information on what you have to offer and encouraging them to ask questions and become more interested. With this in mind, you might want to do a demonstration and provide some free samples, but you should also include some brochure stands with information on what you have to offer as well as your contact details so that clients can easily contact you in the future.

Making sure that your stand is well branded and lit will be a great way to draw attention to yourself and this is why it is best to use professionals in the market such as us at Scan Display. We have been working in the industry for many years and are trusted by a variety of market leaders to handle their display set ups. Since we opened our doors for business in 1996 we have been working hard to earn ourselves a great reputation on the market.

When it comes to exhibitions we focus our attention on mainly creating small, medium and large custom stands, unibox stands and even portable stands. Regardless of which of our services you acquire, you can expect for a professional consultant to be available to you. Our team will be available to assist you through every step of the process and what’s more is that everything can be handled online.

At Scan Display we want nothing more than to make your display ambitions to become a reality for you. We will work hard to create the exact atmosphere and image that you want and what’s more is that the products and materials that we use are of only the utmost best quality, which will go a long way to promoting your company and the type of services or products that you are presenting to the market.

If you would like to ensure that you have the best exhibition display available on the market then you have certainly come to the right place. We encourage our clients to browse through our gallery and extensive catalogue on our website just to see what we are capable of, and what we have done in the past for our many clients. If you are preparing for a show, event or trade fair then do not forget that your stand has to stand out from the rest, and we at Scan Display can make that happen.