Highly Effective Exhibition Stands


In a highly competitive business environment one of the opportunities for any company to allow its products to stand out from the competition is when it takes part in an exhibition or trade show. If the organisation wishes to differentiate its product offerings from the many other products that will be vying for the attention of the visitors to the exhibition then it must rely on the uniqueness of its exhibition stand. Today exhibition stands are available in almost any configuration, the only limitation being the budget available to the company and its marketing department as well as the space that is available at the exhibition or trade show.

Highly effective exhibition stands rely on a mix of different attributes in order to attract the interest of the visitors to the exhibition, trade show or other marketing event. Many of the exhibition stands that are currently available have components which are designed to attract attention such as audio visual effects. Traditional exhibition stands can be constructed of a variety of different materials such as wood or wood composites or mixes of polyurethane based materials and nylon and glass and plastic. Many companies choose to design their exhibition stands in close consultation with the manufacture in order to ensure that the exhibition stand is unique and highly visible to potential customers. There are also a number of different standard shell schemes that are available.

These shell schemes represent extremely good value for money and are ideal for use as exhibition stands. Even a standard off the shelf exhibition stand can be made unique through the addition of other display components such as flags and banners.

Easy To Erect Portable Stands

Portable stands can be used in a number of different environments. The portable stands can be erected in only a matter of minutes by even the most inexperienced of marketing personnel and can be used at sporting events, at trade shows and exhibitions and even as part of a point of sale display.

Portable display stands can be constructed of a variety of different materials including aluminium and plastic and are sued as the centerpieces for the display. The effectiveness of the display is also increased through the use of a variety of different banners and flags. Perhaps the most popular of these banners is the pull up banner due to the ease of erection. A variety of pull up banners, as well as the portable stand can usually be set up in only a few minutes and take up very little space making them ideal for use in the retail environment.

Glass Top Display Units

Display units can be used in a variety of different settings but are usually found at trade shows, exhibitions and in show rooms across South Africa. The glass top display units are tremendously popular due to the fact that they represent excellent value for money and can be manufactured extremely quickly.

These glass topped display units are ideal for the display of a variety of different products and they also offer the employee the opportunity to remove products from the unit for closer examination by the potential customer. The display units can be combined with other marketing material such as brochures which are housed in a brochure stand, as well as banners to make up a highly attractive and effective display combination at exhibition stands.