Five Tips when Planning for an Event and Hiring Exhibition Builders

Here are the top five tips for preparing for an exhibition;

  1. Visit the venue beforehand, preferably during the period of a similar exhibition. Notice which areas are the most popular amongst visitors and determine whether the space will be able to accommodate you with all your needs and requirements.
  2. Rather than trying to handle all elements yourself, hire exhibition builders who have the knowledge and experience of setting up the perfect stand for you and take the time to focus on your main marketing strategies.
  3. Ask the exhibition builders to help you set up a stand that will compliment and support your product or service. If you’re selling stoves consider setting up a stand that looks like a kitchen, or if you sell children’s toys design your booth to look like a child’s bedroom.
  4. Remember to incorporate stools or chairs at your booth, especially if you need to demonstrate your product or if it needs an explanation.
  5. If you yourself are not very good at handling clients or doing sells, make sure to have someone there by your side who can draw visitors in, keep them interested and sell your product without being overwhelming or overbearing.

Exhibitions can be extremely profitable for any company who has trouble drawing in new clients or just to launch a new product and get it out there. Hiring exhibition builders like Scan Display will only build on this profit due to their industry ‘know-how’ and extensive experience. For more information on how we can help you with your exhibition venture, contact us today.