Brochure holders play just as an important role in the overall success of an exhibition stand as the furniture, lighting, flooring, and signage. Ignoring the importance of brochure holders will be a costly mistake.

Banners are used to portray messages and attract attention. With striking banners you can get the visitors to stop and pay attention. Once you have their attention you want them to explore the stand and yes, you guessed it, take brochures with them. In order to get them to this place, you will want attractive brochure holders which are also highly functional.

The popular saying of first impressions count is nowhere more relevant than at a trade exhibition. The brochure display will either put people off or get their attention. You need to invest in the latter option. The display stand must be equal in quality when compared to the rest of the exhibition stand. It will show that you pay attention to detail and that is what should go into the subconscious mind of the visitor.

If you have a small exhibition stand you will want to save on space while gaining maximum exposure for everything in the booth, including the brochures. For this reason you will want a brochure display option that takes up minimal space. If you want to save on space while being able to display various types of brochures, select the multiple pocketbrochure holders which can hold various sizes and products from leaflets to magazines. You can also go for a wall mounted unit, a desktop unit or one of the swivel units.

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