Do you know how much your brand is worth? Most importantly, is your target audience even aware of your brand? If your business is struggling with sales then you need to increase your brand awareness through some of these excellent trade show ideas. A trade show exhibition is a very powerful marketing tool that can create a lot of exposure for your business.

There is basically one rule in trade show marketing – get noticed! Without getting the attention of your target audience you are not likely to meet your marketing goals. You have to realize that there are other companies all vying for the attention of the same people and because of this your exhibit has to be the best. Making the most out of trade show opportunities for exposure can lead to brand awareness and huge sales and consequently, an increase in profits. Consider the following ideas to get your trade show display into the millennium and help yield maximum sales results:

  • Update trade show booths – the easiest and most impactful place to start is always with the exhibition itself. If you’re currently working a stand that looks like a major marketing blast from the past, it’s time to update. Partner with a professional design team to bring your look up to the 21st century with innovative, yet purposeful, accents and detailing.
  • Bring in modern technology – whenever possible, incorporate technologic innovations throughout your trade show booths to hold the crowd’s attention. Renting flat screen TV’s to loop company commercials and/or using digital tablets to display promotional presentations and material are just two of the many ways you can use technology to make your company look like the cutting edge leader it is.
  • Offer an exciting giveaway – get creative with giveaway strategies to help give your team a cutting-edge and exciting vibe. Your choice of trade show gifts can make or break your event performance, so make your giveaways count! The best custom printed giveaways are take-home reminders of your new product line or service announcement – often with a unique or out-of-the-ordinary flair. Ensure greater staying power with show giveaways that serve a handy purpose around the home or office. Want to truly think outside the box? Then hold a raffle for a more expensive item that will generate showroom buzz and have guests lining up outside your booth.
  • Get social with your approach – Yes, gathering business cards is still a great way to generate leads. However, today’s entrepreneurs understand the importance of using social media outlets to enhance their competitive edge. Have your Facebook, Twitter and other pages prominently displayed on business cards and even the booth itself as a modern way to connect with your customer base and alert them to where you’ll be exhibiting next!

Trade shows are a fantastic way to promote your brand and bring some visibility to your business. Good planning and preparation will help your display table stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness at your next trade show or event. Contact Scan Display or visit their online shop for some incredible trade show products and ideas guaranteed to get your brand noticed.