Making the Most Out of Your Exhibition Stand For 2018 

When it comes to events that offer exhibition spaces for various companies and entrepreneurs, one cannot just show up with a dreary banner and a table, expecting people to show interest in your business or products. It is recommended that you plan your station and ensure that the people walking past your exhibition stand takes note. If they show interest in what you have on offer, your exhibition stand created a potential new client by arresting their attention of and convincing them to take some time and explore their interest in your brand.

How can I optimise my exhibition stand in 2018? 

At Scan Display, we have various solutions for exhibitions, with a variety of stands that we can supply for your 2018 expos and conferences. One of the biggest attractions at these events are the exhibition stands that not only attract people on a visual level, but also need to impress them with accessibility to the information they seek from your exhibition stand. If you can successfully integrate the visual and informational components of your stand, you will be able to gain future clients and customers at these events by just letting your stand do its job.

We offer a couple of designs for your exhibition stand that will impress and inform at any event. The sky is the limit when it comes to our options for exhibition stands, and this is how they can help you achieve the most with your stands in 2018:

  1. Metro Range

We offer nine different Metro stands for you to choose from, varying in size and shape to suit your every need. These stands are simple in design and can be very effective in confined areas at smaller exhibition sites.

  1. Expo Range

Ideal for expos of any kind, this range offers portable and reusable expo stands that include carry cases to ensure that you can take them anywhere you need to go. With the modular design, you can always add to it or reduce it to your requirements. Our expo stands brochure is available for download from our website, should you want more information.

  1. The Modulbox

Scan Display manufactures the Modulbox under license to Mo Systeme in Germany, and it is perfect for use just about anywhere. This amazing solution for exhibition stands is easy to set up, with canopies that flap up and can be used for displaying products or information. The unit can be locked to ensure the safety of your stand at any event, and looks very professional when set up correctly.

  1. Custom Stands

At Scan Display, we are aware that some of our clients have their unique views on what their exhibition stands should look like for certain events. We can build and supply any unique design to fit your preferences, as our experienced production team has delivered breathtaking displays over the years.

For more information on our exhibition stands, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure. You can download the available 2018 brochures as well, or contact us directly with more enquiries. Let 2018 be a roaring success for your business, and let Scan Display help you achieve greatness at your events.