Marketing and advertising are both part of the same family. Each cannot work efficiently without the other; but marketing is a much broader process than advertising. Marketing is the process of recognising what the consumer wants, and in turn making a product so that those wants are satisfied. The procedure followed by Scan Display includes advertising as well as the distribution and selling of a product or of a service.

On the other hand advertising is the publication of a message by a sponsor or the promotion by a company of its’ products to its’ existing and potential customers.

Marketing is the attempt by a supplier to influence demand; and it is everything that an entity does to make easy an exchange between itself and its’ potential customers.

Scan Display is a company which specialises in display, especially in the realm of the exhibition and trade show; but not just there. They have a number of new products which can assist with your marketing and advertising.

You can take a look at many of these products as well as a large portfolio of some of their work on their website at Their team of experts in the display field are there to assist you with any of your marketing and advertising needs.

Using Banners To Boost Your Business

One of the oldest ways of getting your message across to others is through the use of banners. They certainly go back beyond medieval times – of course, very few people could read in those days, so banners tended to be pictorial – and the earliest ones were heraldic and carried the “coats of arms” of noblemen.

Throughout the ages, banners have continued to be one of the better ways of getting a message across to others, as they do to this very day, and will continue to do so. We see them every day on websites, newspapers and magazines, church fetes and protest marches – in fact, just about everywhere. The traditional outdoor banner is about a metre high and is several metres long. It usually bears a message in large letters.

Over recent years several new forms of banner advertising have appeared on the market, namely the teardrop and the electronic banners. The latter may regularly be seen on the outer rim of rugby and soccer fields and of cricket pitches. The beauty of the electronic banner is that it can be programmed to change its’ message at regular intervals – a good way of getting more than one message across from one banner.

A Brochure Stand On Your Display Unit

An excellent way of getting your message over to the public at a trade show is to have a brochure stand on your display.

A brochure is an effective way of promoting ideas, products, and services, and even your company. More often however, a brochure used in marketing is made to steer customers towards a particular product or service.

It is very important thus to make sure that the pamphlet in question catches the eyes of potential clients, and as such, a lot of thought has to be given regarding its’ design. It has to be printed with bright colours and with pictures which complement those colours and each other.

With this in mind, it is always wise to engage the services of a company which specialises in the design of such items. The overall design of your display stand is of the utmost importance.

A company going by the name of Scan Display offers a full range of design services, including the layout of your display, 3D design, and graphic design.

Their professional design team produces display models so that clients can see and endorse the design of their displays before production. One of the things that they can include in their design is to incorporate a brochure stand into the display, and to design the brochures as well. This design company specialises in the design of stands for trade fairs and exhibitions and will most definitely be able to help you with your advertising and marketing campaign.