Tradeshow visitors often complain about the lack of displays other than banners and brochures. Fact is that the banners are used to attract attention. It is however, the showcase display which at the end of the day ensures that visitors linger and buy.

Think about a hunting expo. The visitors don’t just want to see banners and brochures; they want to see the actual guns and ammunition. In order to display the products more effectively, you have to invest in the selection of the most appropriate showcase display unit.

For the purpose of display you will want a counter showcase display, one for the corner and a vertical unit that will take up as little space as possible, whilst providing maximum visibility of the products. In addition the showcase display units should be sturdy.

Think about the hundreds and thousands of visitors at a tradeshow who are all potential customers. Imagine only a fraction of the number passing and entering your booth. People pressing against each other and the displays may easily cause a less than maximum sturdy and stable display unit to tilt over. Not only will it cost you embarrassment and money lost because of damage goods, but also may lead to a personal injury lawsuit. To prevent this from happening invest in a good quality display unit that is well balanced.

Another consideration should be the ability to move the showcase unit with ease. Remember that glass is involved and you will thus want the unit to have wheels that can be locked once the unit is in place. Now that we know the importance of selecting the best possible showcase display unit, it is time to take the next step. View our catalogue of products and contact us today for a quote and assistance in selecting the most appropriate display units for your exhibition booth.