Display Merchandise

Get Greater Returns on Your Display Merchandise

Investing in merchandising displays can yield fantastic returns on your investment. The reason for this is because it offers your business multiple uses. This means that even after you have exhibited at an exhibition, your display merchandise will not become a white elephant. One of the most typical uses for this type of display is a vendor who exhibits in shopping malls throughout South Africa. These vendors do not have shop fronts and use their display merchandise as their shop front. In this way vendors only rent the space it takes up from the centre’s management.

However this is not the only great use that these display merchandises has to offer. It is also perfectly suited for use at tradeshows, expos and exhibitions. Depending on the design of your unit, it offers different shelves and secure storage compartments that offer you incredible flexibility. Many of these units can easily be wheeled from one location to another. It makes these units fantastic investments for any company that frequently exhibits at marketing events and tradeshows.

Let Scan Display Design Your Display Merchandise and Offer You Exceptional Value for Money 

When looking for a company to design your display merchandise, look no further than Scan Display. We are leaders in the Southern African exhibition and display industry and specialise in award winning display merchandise and retail display designs. Our team of expert professionals work hard to offer our clients the great quality products that they have come to expect from Scan Display.

We are proud of our great history of exceptional client satisfaction and quality products and services and simply work harder to raise our standards even more. Aside from offering our clients the very best quality display merchandise design and execution services, we also offer many other products and services to our valued clients. These services and products include:

  • Event and exhibition furniture design and manufacturing;
  • Furniture rental;
  • Banner design and manufacturing;
  • Poster displays;
  • Brochure stands; and
  • Exhibition design and infrastructure solutions, to name only a few.

In-house Team of Designers

Scan Display also has a team of in-house designers who specialise in 3D and graphic design. All of the design concepts are first produced in 3D so that our clients have a realistic idea of what their displays will look like before production commences. Scan Display offers other turnkey solutions to the exhibition industry as well, including project management, floor plan design, event air conditioning, electrics and lighting and carpeting and flooring for events.

These are only a few of the many services and products that you can expect from Scan Display. Throughout our long history of service in the industry, we have formed mutually beneficial business partnerships with many of the leading service providers in the industry. When coupled with our exceptional buying power this means that you will be able to enjoy the most competitive and affordable rates on all your display merchandise solutions and products that you source through Scan Display.

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Display Merchandise

Display Merchandise

Display Your Merchandise Effectively And Economicallydisplay merchandise

How do you display merchandise and advertise your brand at trade fairs and shows?  Are you sure that your brand is getting the best possible exposure through an effective display stand or merchandising unit?  You had better speak to the experts who can supply you with an entire display infrastructure that is both modular and expandable for every type of display.

Show Stands

When you display merchandise at a trade fair or show, the layout and size of the stand may depend heavily on the rules of the show organisers.  Often, all the display stands are depressingly similar cubicles and you have to rely on the extra elements at your disposal to distinguish your stand from the rest.  To this end, your choice of furniture, marketing media and banners may greatly increase the visual impact of your display.

display merchandiseColour plays an important role when you display merchandise and you should incorporate your corporate colours in an effective and eye-catching way and your banners should compliment these.  Roll-up banners are especially effective and because they roll up into a tube, they are very easy to carry and transport.  Many different sizes are offered, up to 1.5 m wide and 2.1 m high, making for a high-impact assault on the senses that can be seen from afar, yet uses little horizontal floor space.

Display Merchandise In Mobile Merchandising Units

Mobile merchandising units are very useful for displaying your wares at shopping centres or elsewhere where you want a presence without necessarily opting for a permanent premises.  They are offered in many different designs too, incorporating spaces for displaying products behind transparent and safe perspex windows and with storage space for extra stock.

Talk to the professionals today if you want a comprehensive, top quality and effective way to display merchandise and advertise your brand.  For more information, contact us.

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Mall Kiosks

Mall kiosks are very popular for mobile businesses that would like to display their wares in a shopping mall without having to rent a shop there, or that would like to move the display to new venues frequently.

To this end, many types of mall kiosks are offered, depending on what you want to display in them.  They are usually relatively tall structures that use up little floor space and they can be specified with any number of features, including a place to put the cash register, security features to lock up their contents or to lock the entire unit to the floor and any configuration of shelves.

Display Merchandise

If you want to display merchandise at a shopping mall in an attractive, mobile shopfront that you can pack up and take anywhere, a mall kiosk is ideal.

A mall kiosk allows you to display merchandise as in a permanent shop, but at a far lower cost.  You usually have to pay the shopping mall a fee for parking your unit in a designated spot, so be sure to pick a spot with plenty of feet passing by.  Your unit can be outfitted to your specifications, including shelves, storage areas, a roof structure, provision for hanging displays and a spot for the cash register.  What is more, you need only one person to man it.

Merchandising Units

Merchandising Units

Merchandising units are also called mall kiosks and they are just what the name implies: a tiny, movable shopfront.  Your kiosk holds your products on shelves behind perspex or glass windows and features security measures like a facility to lock the entire unit to the floor as well as securely lockable display areas.

Some of the features normally incorporated in merchandising units may include plenty of secure, out-of-sight storage compartments to hold stock, shelves in different configurations, provision for hanging displays and a space for the cash register.  These units are especially designed to take up little floor space and to be manned by one person only, minimising your expenses even further.

Merchandising Unit