Brochure Stand

Your Brochures and a Brochure Stand

A brochure stand is designed to maximise the visibility and exhibition of your marketing pamphlets and brochures. These stands are made from various materials that will suit the style of the area in which you would like to display your brochures. They are made to fit standard sized brochures that printers use when designing and creating the marketing material. Brochures which do not conform to these standard sizes will require a custom made brochure stand.

To select the ideal brochure stand for the type of marketing or other material that you wish to display to the public in your office, store or any other place, please contact us.

Brochure Stands

A Variety of Brochure Stands

There is nothing worse than having cluttered counter or desk space due to the amount of brochures that you need to display. Brochure stands are the ideal way to tidy up the clutter as well as present the brochures in a manner that makes them visible to your customers and clients. You can choose from a variety of stands that will fit on a desk or countertop to larger brochure stands which are suitable to place anywhere on your premises.

To find out more about the types of brochure stands that are available as well as which stands will be most suitable for your business and premises, please contact us.

Stands for exhibition brochures

More often than not exhibitors spend a lot of money on the design and printing of stunning exhibition brochures only to have more than half left after the exhibition. The problem is that you simply cannot hand one to every person passing the booth and as such require effective stands for the exhibition brochures. If properly displayed the exhibition brochures will draw attention and most visitors will grab one or more even without handing the items out. The range offered by Scan Display includes:

  • Desktop Enara
  • Stacker Straight
  • Stacker
  • Zedup Range
  • Standex
  • Fanfare 6 Pocket

View our range of stands for the professional display of exhibition brochures.