Exhibition Equipment Rentals

Depending on your product requirements and venue regulations you have a choice between three main types of exhibition equipment rentals. Each one has its own benefits and price ranges, so you have to examine the possibilities presented by each and determine which would best meet your needs. These include;

  • Custom stands; this type of stand offers a tremendous amount of freedom in design and layout and provides you with the opportunity to create a space that will compliment and assist your marketing strategy in every way.
  • Unibox stands are typically used in shell schemes and also offer a wide range of design possibilities. They also come in different shapes and sizes ranging from small, medium to large depending on your venue requirements.
  • Portable exhibition equipment rentals include metro, the expo range, fabric stands and metrolite.

To determine which of the exhibition equipment rentals you should go with for your event, contact us at Scan Display for sound advice and guidance. We have years of experience and have assisted many businesses in setting up a very profitable, eye-catching and unique stand that meets all their needs and requirements, including their budget.