Exhibition Architecture and Services

Ever since it was founded, Scan Display has grown at an outstanding rate to become a market leader in the exhibition industry in South Africa. The company, whose head office is in Rosebank, Johannesburg, has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Botswana and Swaziland and distributors throughout the country. We also have partners in many important countries around the world. We specialise in exhibitions – that means exhibition stands and architecture. Our expertise lies in:

  • Exhibition architecture and services
  • Stand design and building
  • Graphic design and Branding including large format printing
  • Project management and client service
  • Events

Using our project management team we can offer you a full range of design services. We design exhibition stands from scratch, and produce a 3-D model so that you can see and approve of the development of your display as it progresses.

One of the services we provide for clients for whom we are designing and building exhibition stands is a regular complimentary exhibitor-training workshop. These sessions are run by Joy Donovan of Trade Show Training, and provide useful tips for those who are going to manning exhibition stands at trade shows. Scan Display will take over the whole of the project management for your next exhibition. We have a team of assemblers who will set up and break down your exhibition stands anywhere in South Africa, working through the night if necessary. However complex your display, you are guaranteed that it will be ready on time. Contact us at any time on +27 11 447 4777 for further information.

Exhibition Services

Scan Display’s responsibility is to put your company on the floor at an exhibition in such a way that your display stand attracts customers. Our exhibition services include

  • Project management – Our team includes project management experts who will help put your campaign together. Our highly trained team of professionals will design and deliver a powerful eye catching display for your campaign. It will be delivered on time and we guarantee satisfaction.
  • Marquees – Scan Display can supply a wide range of marquees for your next Trade Show.
  • Floor plan design – Our team of professionals include exhibition architects who will design and build a floor plan for your exhibition stand.
  • Electrics and lighting – All display stands require lighting and electrics designed to be compatible with the display and the equipment to be used. Our team of experts will handle this for you.
  • Carpets and floors – these are part of the overall project and included in our exhibition services
  • Air conditioning – the South African climate is such that air conditioning is sometimes a necessity. Our project management team will include this in the overall project.

Scan Display has been in the exhibition services business for twelve years and we have the experience that enables us to come up with a design that will pull potential customers to your display like a magnet. Take a look at our extensive portfolio to see some of our award winning display stands. To learn more about using our exhibition services , contact us at +27 11 447 4777

Scan Display Exhibition Services

Scan Display is a leading provider of exhibition services in South Africa. We provide a wide range exhibition display rental services including furniture rentals. Apart from the above we also offer two main exhibition services:

  • Exhibition Infrastructure
  • Shell Scheme

Exhibition Infrastructure

Our exhibition infrastructure services comprise a variety of exhibition services ranging from project management to air-conditioning solutions. Other services that fall within this range include that of:

  • Floor plan design
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Lighting and electrical solutions
  • Marquees tent rentals

Shell Scheme

The services within this category include the supply of corner stand and in line stand packages. It is the ideal way to save on time, resources and money when a company has to host an exhibition or be one of the exhibitors at such an exhibition. The corner stand package for instance, includes a Unibox modular box stand, spotlights, display boards, vinyl lettering, stand number, carpet floor, an information counter, two chairs, waste basket, and a power plug point. In short everything required for an effective display are supplied.

Whether you want to rent specific equipment, need help with the setting up of a whole exhibition, want to purchase or rent a modular display booth, you will find our exhibition services to be useful, affordable, and professional. Avoid all the common exhibition mistakes by making use of our exhibition services right from the start. Our history shows that our stands have won numerous awards. Having us design and setup your stand will thus ensure that you gain a competitive edge at the tradeshow. Contact us today for quotes and advice.

Exhibition Services | Banner Printing

Exhibition Services Including Design And Manufacturing


As South African products become more and more integrated into the global markets overseas and domestic visitors to trade fairs and exhibitions will increasingly be looking for products and services to add to those they already supply an increasingly sophisticated market. As the competition for the supply of these services and products becomes more and more cut throat this companies that have taken floor space at these trade shows and exhibitions will be looking for unique ways to position their product and service offerings. As the demand has grown the services offered by exhibition product manufacturers has grown to keep pace with demand. Exhibition services today encompass an entire product and service industry that serviced the needs of exhibitors.

There are a variety of different companies that today provide exhibition services that include specialist catering, the provision of stand personnel, transport and erection services as well as the all important provision of exhibition stands and booths, as well as the shell schemes that are required by companies that will be taking part in exhibitions and trade shows. The services provided by the exhibition stand experts also gives them the expertise to provide stands for a variety of other uses, such as point of sale stands and even stands used for awards ceremonies. The wide variety of exhibition services provided by these stand manufacturers means that their expertise can be employed in the design of stands for all occasions. These stands can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are easy to erect and highly effective even given the premium on space that characterises a company’s participation in trade shows and exhibitions.

Banner Printing Services and More

Many companies choose to make use of exhibition services that include banner and flag printing. These display items can be used to enliven the appearance of exhibition stands and their robust construction and ease of erection make them perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. The low cost per unit of banner printing means that the organisation can have a variety of different banners printed which can be used for various purposes, such as sponsored events and point of sale presence. The suitability of the banners that are available to companies today means that many different designs are available and the newer printing equipment means that banners and flags of almost any size can be printed at a very reasonable cost, making banner printing a favourite of both marketing departments and accounting departments alike.

The technology that is used for banner printing today is a far cry from that which as industry standard only a generation ago. New printing methods using state of the art inks mean that banner printing remains vibrant and highly visible even after repeated use. The materials used are extremely durable and are suitable for use under a variety of different weather conditions, such as rain or even hail and snow. The banners and flags provided by companies that specialise in exhibition services are also extremely easy to transport from event to events and even the most inexperienced marketing employees can erect items like pull up banners in only minutes.

Exhibition Services

Useful Exhibition Services

In many instances the exhibitor doesn’t have the expertise, time, and personnel available to ensure a professional display at an exhibition. Scan Display provides project management as part of the exhibition services available. By making use of the project management team an individual displayer or the organiser of a whole event will be able to focus on their core business while the professional project management team of Scan Display takes care of the planning and setup of the stand or whole exhibition. Large scale exhibition services such as floor plan design, flooring, electricity, lighting, and air conditioning are taken care of as part of the overall project management. Other services such as stand display design and setup of various stands make the task of exhibiting just so much easier.